Academic Pricing


Mutiny is discounted for academia @ £1 per device(unlimited sensors) per year using a virtual appliance.

Discount Product Offering

Anyone with up to 10 devices free (no licence required)

up to 50 devices £50 per annum

up to 100 devices £100 per annum

up to 150 devices £150 per annum

up to 300 devices £300 per annum

up to 500 devices £500 per annum

up to 1000 devices £1000 per annum

University or Research up to 1500 devices £1500 per annum

Getting Started

1    Download your build disk image

2    Follow the setup instructions

3    Apply for your Temporary Licence

4    Purchase your discounted Academic Licence


Modules included in the Academic licence

  • Published Dashboards
  • Quick Reports
  • IP Address Management

Additional Modules

Additional Modules are available to enhance your mutiny system and these are also discounted for educational use.

  • Scheduled SLA and Capacity Reporting
  • NetFlow V5 reporting
  • "Ping Free" Module (Unmetered polling of ping only devices)

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