Mutiny can provide on-site training at installation time or as a refresher for new staff.

Installation training

Hands-on training for a few selected individuals is normally included within the cost of the Mutiny installation. This takes place on site and at the same time as the installation and configuration.

Topics include:

  •     Installing the appliance on a network
  •     Establishing the administration and default settings
  •     Performing and demonstrating the different methods of establishing the monitored domain
  •     Providing advice on setting the polling options as well as threshold values
  •     Loading remote agents
  •     Q and A session on any Mutiny or Mutiny-related matters

Additional Training Day

This additional training includes and expands on all the topics previously mentioned. It is available to a group of up to five personnel and can be arranged for a convenient date once the installation and configuration have been completed. 

Bespoke Training

Conscious of the demanding work schedules, as well as the varying knowledge of IT personnel, we are able to offer training tailored to your specific requirements, both in terms of scheduling and of topics covered.

Training Modules

The following training modules are currently available from Mutiny. Customers may tailor the training to their individual needs by choosing the modules that are most appropriate to their needs and deciding the level of depth that they want covered.

For a 1 day training course, lasting a total of 7 hours, the recommended modules are:

  • MTM0 (30 minutes)
  • MTM1 (1 hour)
  • MTM2 (3 hours)
  • MTM3 (1 hour)
  • MTM5 (1 hour)
  • MTM6 (30 minutes) 

MTM0 Mutiny Concepts and Philosophy

Recommended Minimum: 30 minutes.

This is a classroom session with no hands-on experience.

This module introduces the Mutiny Critical Service monitor to those who are unfamiliar with its function and operation. It also sets up the terminology that will be used in the other Training Modules and introduces the unique Mutiny concepts and philosophy that have influenced its design and construction.

MTM1 Mutiny Installation and Configuration

Recommended Minimum: 1 hour, maximum 2 hours

This is a hands-on session using Mutiny appliances and the Mutiny Training Kit.

Normally working in pairs (with a Mutiny system per pair), the trainees will have the opportunity to setup a Mutiny appliance from scratch on a small network. This will provide an opportunity to get a complete Mutiny experience without worrying about damaging a production system. At the end of the session, trainees will be able to install and configure a Mutiny system for most common network architectures.

MTM2 Using Mutiny Operationally

Recommended Minimum: 3 hours, maximum 4 hours

A complete overview of the Mutiny system from the user/administrator’s point of view.

This session will be 10% tutorial and 90% hands-on using either the customer’s own Mutiny system or the Mutiny Training Kit.

At the end of the session the trainees will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Navigate the Mutiny interface and understand the role of each panel.
  • Add and remove devices from Mutiny.
  • Setup and manipulate Custom Views.
  • Setup and manipulate Alerting schemes.
  • Create new contacts.
  • Apply overall management rules to groups of devices.
  • Retrieve current and historical data using a variety of tools

MTM3 Using Remote Agents

Recommended Minimum: 1 hour, maximum 2 hours

This session is a classroom session. The topics covered will be:

  • The Mutiny Remote Agent Architecture.
  • Windows Remote Agents (SQL, IIS, Exchange, Log Scanners).
  • Unix Remote Agents.
  • Programming Remote Agents.

MTM4 The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Recommended Minimum: 1 hours, maximum 2 hours

This session is a classroom session with no hands-on. The topics covered will include:

  • The SNMP protocol and architecture.
  • MIBs, SMIs and OIDs Polling and Traps.
  • MIB II in detail.
  • Enterprise MIBs.
  • Putting it all together.

MTM5 How Mutiny Works - A Technical Overview

Recommended Minimum: 1 hour, maximum 6 hours

This is a classroom session with no hands-on. The topics covered will include:

  • The problems with other monitoring systems.
  • Mutiny concepts and design philosophy.
  • Mutiny Architecture.
    • The Front-end
    • The Status polling engine and the RRD
    • SNMP Discovery 
    • The IP Services Polling Engine
    • Event and Alert Management
  • Logs and diagnostics.
  • Future Developments.

MTM6 Discussion and Q&A

Recommended Minimum: 30 minutes.

Trainees will be able to ask any questions about Mutiny or to go over any of the topics covered inthe other modules.