The Mutiny Monitoring Appliance
Your Secure Network and Environmental Monitoring SolutionMutiny Network Monitoring appliance

Using our secure monitoring appliance, you can mitigate operational risks to your systems and optimise your IT efficiency. It monitors your estate and sends alerts to Technicians, Admins, wallboards or external Service Providers.

Now in our twenty-second year, with a proven track record of network monitoring for many of the UK's most trusted & respected businesses and organisations, we are the only British company operating in this technology sector.

Use Mutiny on your tablet or mobile

Mutiny can scale to over 16,000 devices per minute with over 200,000 elements/sensors from a single appliance with little to no impact on the network!
Mutiny Integrates directly into ServiceNow® for a central view of process and services.

Mutiny has an extensive REST API for integration into your workflow systems.
Users can publish mutiny views in Teams and other in-house platforms.
No other platform comes close in terms of ease of use, rapid deployment and performance.

Mutiny can be set up, configured and be monitoring your network in less than a day! Staff can fully access it via the Web-based HTTPS front-end,  allowing you to monitor your entire estate remotely, from any device or location with a current Web browser.

Join the trend in moving to products made and supported in the UK

Why not download a virtual trial appliance, request a 60-day temporary licence, and see how your systems perform?

  • Made and supported in the UK

for Technical Pre-sales please call 08456 521 721

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