Mutiny the Simple Network Monitoring Provider 

Using Mutiny network performance tools mitigates operational and financial risk to your business and optimises your IT efficiency. It monitors critical systems on the network and sends alerts to operators, admins, wallboards or Service Providers. Mutiny is available as a standard 1U rack appliance, small form factor appliance or virtual solution through vmware. Mutiny offers sophisticated visibility and reporting on IT assets without the cost or complexity of alternative products on the market.

Easy To Use

Designed with ease-of-use in mind and customisable with views that provide controlled access to network data.

Cost Effective

Licensed on a per monitored-device basis with flexible subscription schemes and discounted for Academia.

Scalable And Customisable

Suitable for the unique infrastructure of organisations of all sizes, Mutiny is
capable of polling over 2,000 devices per minute from a single appliance. It can be
deployed in less that 1 hour but scale up through to the monitoring needs of service providers.


New Academy appliance bundle! product/academy-appliance-/

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