Mutiny NMS
Your Server, Network and Environmental Monitoring SolutionMutiny Network Monitoring appliance

Using Mutiny mitigates operational risk to your systems and optimises your IT efficiency. It monitors critical systems on the network and sends alerts to Technicians, Admins, wallboards or external Service Providers.

Now in our twentieth year, with a proven track record of network monitoring for many of the UK’s most trusted & respected businesses and organisations, we are the only British company operating in this technology sector.

Are you currently work from home?Use Mutiny on your tablet or mobile

Mutiny can usually be set up, configured and be monitoring your network in less than a day! It can be fully accessed via the Web-based HTTPS front-end, which can simply be NAT'ed out - allowing you to monitor your entire estate remotely, from any device or location with a current Web browser.

  • Agent-optional Multi-vendor monitoring out of the box
    - The majority of our monitoring is done with our built-in agents meaning that you don't need to do any programming to get the information you need from hundreds of vendor types.
    - Optional free-to-use agents that allow specific application monitoring should you need them. 

  • Best polling engine on the market, over 12,000+ devices per minute
    - Recent benchmarking has put Mutiny at the top of the list for polling large numbers of devices quickly and efficiently, with over 12,000 network Devices per minute from a single appliance.

  • Flexible alert options.
    - SMS and Email alerts with time based escalation.
    - Northbound alerting to your helpdesk.
    - Post service related alerts directly into ServiceNow.

  • Comprehensive polling options to minimise the impact on network traffic.
    - Our impact on the network is minimal.

  • Data collection and graphing facilities to analyse network trends.
    - Most of our measured values are stored to allow comparative and historical graphing.
    - Network and Web Service response time graphs.
    - Bandwidth and port utilisation.
    - VPN channel monitoring for key vendors.
    - Graphing with per property, per node, per view(group) and search based Quick reporting. Read More

  • Rapid methods of discovering networked devices to ensure quick installation and simple configuration.
    - Add by traceroute to build your wan topology
    - Range discovery
    - Add from our IPAM module

  • SLA and performance reporting
    - Latency monitoring

  • Various display options
    - Large screen displays for your NOC.
    - Small screen displays, work on your iPad

  • Mutiny Dedicated Appliance or Virtual Machine.
    - The best way to use Mutiny is with our dedicated appliance but we understand and support the use of a virtual appliances.

  • Native EVA and NetApp Support
    - During discovery Mutiny recognises storage appliances and will add our additional health agents as needed.

  • Application monitoring
    - Exchange health monitoring
    - SQL Server key metrics health agent.
    - Customisable PowerShell agent framework for anything else...

  • Environmental Monitoring
    - PSU, UPS, FAN, Temperature and other environmental monitoring
    - Support for many vendors with our built-in agents.

  • IP Address Management (IPAM) module
    - Add your ranges to our built-in Active IPAM module and drop the spreadsheets
    - Get a grip on you IP address spaces and stop making simple mistake in IP allocation.
    Read More

    - Automate tasks
    - Integrate Mutiny into your service platform
    - Control Mutiny from ServiceNow
    Read More

  • Made and supported in the UK

for Technical Pre-sales please call 08456 521 721

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