The Mutiny system can be enhanced with additional modules. Some are included free

Module - API Connector

Enhance your Mutiny monitoring by connecting to ServiceNow and other platforms for automated incident creation and inventory synchronisation.

Module - Active IPAM™

Our latest module that keeps track of of your IP address space

Module - Hot Standby

Utilising a second appliance, the Hot Standby module upgrade enables the synchronising of the mutiny configuration, graphing databases and stored snapshots for active takeover.

Module - Cold Standby

The Cold Standby module upgrade enables the synchronising of the mutiny stored snapshots to a second appliance.

Module - Quick Reports

Quickly compare properties by selecting them from views and nodes in your system using our handy property selector.

Module - V5 SLA Reporter

This module uses an additional appliance configured to extract historic and event log data to an external database that allows creation of SLA reports against user defined time periods and capacity reports for nodes or groups of nodes. The reports can be scheduled and delivered as a PDF to your inbox.

Module - NetFlow Reporter

Mutiny supports Cisco NetFlow v5 from suitable collectors on your network. Mutiny analyses the flows and stores them for reporting within the Mutiny system interface. Maintaining Mutiny's ease of use USP, users can quickly analyse top talkers or protocols from the NetFlow screen.

Module - Dashboardnull

See your own choice of dials, gauges and tables all on one screen. Quickly add your own widgets to build your own custom dashboard.

Module - Restorepoint

Restorepoint module from our partners Tadasoft adds the ability to automate backup configurations of your networking equipment and alert on breaks in compliance.

Module - Ping Free

The Ping Free module will allow you to add an unlimited number of ping only devices and may also free up node licences and allow you to add more fully monitored nodes.

Module - Pool Licence

The Pool licence module enhances the user portal to allow an end user to breakdown their licence into smaller sub-licences and spread across multiple systems. This is useful for managed service providers who want to distribute mutiny systems to their end users and maximise their licence investment.