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Environmental Monitors


Mutiny supports a number of 3rd party environmental probes

It is not sufficient to just monitor your servers and other hardware in order to provide reliable services to the organisation. Environmental conditions like loss of air conditioning, blocked condense pumps causing flooding and drawing more power than your power unit can supply are often causes of service failure.

Mutiny supports additional environmental devices to cover this critical area of service delivery.

temperature dashboard

A number of vendors are supported natively by the mutiny system including APC, Unite Technologies, Jacarta and other generic devices through trap alerting.

The Jacarta range is one range natively supported with built-in polling agents to give you great detail and comprehensive alerting. The jacarta interSeptor and interSeptor Pro are available from the mutiny online store.

jacarta InterSeptor Temperature Monitor

jacarta InterSeptor Pro Environmental Probe

 Product PDF Jacarta_interSeptor.pdf Product PDF Jacarta_interSeptor_Pro.pdf
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