Newsletter Dec 2015

Welcome to our December newsletter.

With Cybercrime high on the radar we'd like to share how insights from your existing network data can highlight potential threats from malware. We also look at how Mutiny can present data which is useful to your management team for reporting, capacity planning and budgeting purposes.

Our latest case study is with engineering, IT and facilities services company NG Bailey who have used Mutiny for over five years to monitor their 17 offices and 100 sites. The case study looks at how the business deploys Mutiny and the benefits it creates. This includes displaying a clear point of failure and fault resolution without end-user disruption, allowing NG Bailey to run its infrastructure at maximum efficiency and provide secure and robust business services.

Using network data for cyberthreat detection
Security threats are becoming all too commonplace with more and more breaches reported in the media every week. Ensuring your network is monitored in the appropriate way mitigates these risks by highlighting anomalies in new data compared with historic records. We look at how this can be done effectively at minimal cost.

Presenting Meaningful Management Data
Using Mutiny's built-in reporting facility allows visibility of CPU, memory, disk and traffic data in graphical form. On top of the standard product there is the ability to utilise the Mutiny Quick Reports Module which allows comparison between nodes and the Mutiny SLA Reporter Module, designed to meet the need for Service Level Agreement reporting.

NG Bailey
With a turnover of £400 million NG Bailey is the largest independent engineering, construction and services company in the UK. The business needed a reliable and sophisticated monitoring system that could handle the 100 sites and 17 offices. NG Bailey's Technical Analyst Shieraz Bashir explained how the Mutiny network monitoring system meets their needs and how they intend to use the solution in the future.

We would like to wish you the very best for the festive season from the team at Mutiny.

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