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In this edition we have a number of blogs outlining how you can more effectively manage your network as it grows, how you can save time and effort in management reporting and how you can reduce network troubleshooting time.We have a case study for The British Film Institute, who have been using Mutiny since 2008.

We also have exciting news around Mutiny’s whereabouts in October and new products.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about how Mutiny can help you to pro-actively monitor your technology then feel free to get in touch.

Case Study

The British Film Institute 

The BFI (British Film Institute), founded in 1933, works across the UK to nurture the next generation of filmmakers, to expand education opportunities for young people and boost audience choice for film.The BFI has been using Mutiny since March 2008. The system monitors network technologies including: Cisco, Linux, Open VMS and Windows. 

Read more here.

If you would like to see our other case studies then there is an archive on our website here.


How-do-i-manage-my-growing-networkHow do I manage my growing network? Network monitoring and management in small businesses is often easy to handle. With limited devices, PCs, printers and a server that allocates IP’s, that is probably all that is required. However as a business grows, additional infrastructure and layers of devices add a degree of complexity to IP allocation. These businesses need to move on from spreadsheets and use dedicated IPAM solutions. Read more here.

Automated IT ReportingStill producing your management reports manually: Automating reporting for your businessIncreasingly complex modern infrastructure has a significant impact on network reporting. Producing these report can become an arduous challenge involving excessive man hours. If you have hardware on multiple sites, as most large organisations do, the challenge is exacerbated even further.The only real answer is the implementation of a comprehensive automated system, which handles both ongoing monitoring and network report generation. Read more here.

How to reduce network troubleshooting time: Business continuity is a vital concern for most organisations. It is linked to everything from your customers’ ability to buy your products or services, to your finance department’s ability to make sure your staff get paid on time.A failure in one area of your network can have knock on effects on your businesses ability to function and in a worst case scenario, service its customers. Automated Network monitoring brings with it the ability to detect issues before they occur and identify issues faster when they do. Read more here.


Mutiny are attending IPExpo 2016.Once again Mutiny will be attending IPEXPO Europe at ExCel London 5-6 October 2016.On our stand we will be available to answer any questions you may have plus we will be demonstrating Mutiny version 6 including our new IPAM module.If you would like to visit, we will be at Stand JJ4

More information on the event can be found on the website here

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