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In this edition we look at our engagement with East of England Co-op. Our case study discusses how the installation of Mutiny has given better visibility and supported the team in managing their 150+ locations.

We have a number of articles this month. The first centres around home automation, its advantages and the considerations you need to take before you jump in. The second looks at the benefits of monitoring solutions to retailers. How they can be used for more than detecting network issues and actually have positive effects on the customer experience. Finally we look at how modern monitoring can be used to support businesses on the move, without the cost of extra personnel.

As usual if you have any questions or would like to talk to us about how Mutiny can help you to pro-actively monitor your technology then feel free to get in touch.

Case Studies

Eeast of England Co-opEast of England Co-op: The East of England Co-op is an independent co-operative business, built by local people, for local people. As one of the largest consumer co-operatives in the UK, they continue to make a growing difference to the region’s economy and local communities. Mutiny is currently used to monitor around 670 devices across the estate of 150+ locations. Read more here.


Home automation and monitoring - fad, fud or future: Home monitoring and automation seems to be everywhere at the moment. With the rise of mobile phone and app technologies, people are flooding to buy automated thermostats, IP Cameras to monitor their houses and a host of other connected devices which claim to make their lives easier and better. But are these devices really giving you anything extra? What are the risks and considerations before you jump in? Read more here.

Monitoring for retail - Safety, Efficiency, Compliance and Customer Service: Monitoring systems can be used for much more than just tracking network infrastructure. Plugins and interfaces are available, which allow systems to connect with and monitor numerous devices and sensors. Retail stores provide the perfect environment to implement centralised monitoring and a number of our customers such as Mamas and Papas and WingYip are already using Mutiny to observe more than just their infrastructure. Read more here.

Mobile MonitoringOn the road - Mobile monitoring for events and exhibitions: Exhibitions and trade shows have become a key part of many businesses’ calendars. However modern exhibition stands can potentially feature dozens of devices, from laptops, tablets and phones to smart devices designed specifically for events. Traditionally the monitoring of these devices would involve the presence and costs of a dedicated IT person, however modern monitoring solutions and connected stands take away this added expense and allow you to remotely monitor and report on devices. Read more here.

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