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In our July edition we have a number of articles discussing common IT issues and how to prepare for, or prevent them. 

• We look at the real cost of downtime to your business and its common causes, how you can detect issues, prepare and minimise the impact.
• We discuss out of hours support and what you can do if your network fails in the middle of the night.
• We examine network performance and how you can use monitoring to keep your infrastructure running at its best.
• Finally we look at network monitoring and how it can be used to gauge server health.

We have two new case studies this month.

• We look at how Mutiny is used by Scottish National Heritage to support infrastructure across its 40 sites the length and breadth of Scotland.
• We examine the Mutiny installation at the Pirbright institute and how it has helped to support its 500+ users.

As usual if you have any questions or would like to talk to us about how Mutiny can help you to pro-actively monitor your technology then feel free to get in touch.

Case Studies

The Pirbright Institute
The Pirbright Institute: The Pirbright Institute is a world leading centre of excellence in research and surveillance of viral diseases in farm animals and viruses that spread from animals to humans. Established over 100 years ago, the company celebrated its centenary in 2014. Mutiny was first installed in 2012 when the institute brought IT management in house. The system currently monitors 250+ devices across the site, supporting 500+ individuals.

Read more here.

Scottish National HeritageScottish National Heritage:The Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is a government funded organisation which promotes and cares for Scotland's wildlife, habitats, landscapes and natural beauty.

The aims of the organisation are:

• Promoting, caring for, and improving Scottish natural heritage
• Helping people enjoy nature responsibly
• Enabling greater understanding and awareness of nature
• Promoting the sustainable use of Scotland's natural heritage

In August 2007 the IT team where looking for a solution which would give them centralised monitoring of the infrastructure across their sites, the length and breadth of Scotland. Mutiny has flexed to the needs of the business over the past nine years, and currently provides monitoring and reporting across 40 sites and around 125 network devices.

Read more here.


The real cost of downtimeThe Real cost of downtime: Networks and internet connections are the lifeblood of modern businesses. Downtime of these networks can have many effects and not just financial ones. Demotivated staff and non-responsive customer facing systems can potentially have a devastating effect on customer service and the reputation of your business. Read more here.

Out of hours supportOut of hours support, what do you do when your network fails in the middle of the night: In today’s ultra-connected world, the majority of enterprise IT systems need to run 24x7x365.  But if nobody is in the office to keep monitoring your network, what happens if it fails? Having the correct systems in place ensures that engineers are alerted any time of the day even if they are off site. Read more here.

Maintaining the heartbeat of your networkMaintaining the heartbeat of your network - Monitoring and gauging your server health: Modern organisations, without fail, rely on their infrastructure and technology to run their businesses. Propping up this infrastructure are the servers that keep the whole thing running.  Monitoring, can ensure that your server is healthy and warn you of any impending failure. But what are the signs that you should be looking to tell you when potential issues are on their way?. Read more here.

Network performance issues you can address with monitoringNetwork performance issues you can address with monitoring: The performance of your network does not just affect the ability of your teams to do their jobs, it can also have a knock on effect on customer service and external perceptions of your business. In this article we look at the major points that need to be addressed to ensure a happy team and serviced customers. Read more here.


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