SolarWinds Hacked! is the title of many tech news bulletins this morning.

The BBC says,

"The US company had been the victim of a cyber-attack weeks previously that had seen hackers inject a tiny piece of secret code into the company's next software update."

Data Breach Today saying

"US Federal Agencies Ordered to Immediately 'Disconnect or Power Down' SolarWinds Orion"

We thought that we should reassure all Mutiny customers that your Mutiny system is not susceptible to this widely-reported breach.

We take the security of our appliance and the updates we supply, very seriously and we regularly assess the security of every package contained within our core product, with the acclaimed Nessus platform. 

Additionally, we test all of our packages and software bundles internally before they are encrypted and signed with PGP technology. Any bundle that has been tampered with will fail the security tests as they are uploaded into the appliance.

It is our view that using a closed appliance, such as Mutiny, for network management is a major advantage over Windows-installed software.