Mutiny Support Contract

Problem Diagnosis and Reporting

If a customer has a question on a particular feature, or If the customer believes that there may be a problem with their Mutiny system, it is expected that the customer's technical support contact(s) will take the following actions:

First Action - Web (requested):
Each configuration panel has a context help button which explains the operation of the feature. If this does not help then we have our pictograms and "FAQs" section of the Mutiny Support Help desk (https://mutiny.freshdesk.com/support/solutions) to see if their issue has been raised previously.

Second Action - Email (compulsory):
The customer should open a new support ticket HERE or send an email to support@mutiny.com detailing the problems encountered. The receipt of the email will also create a new Support Ticket for the problem and this will be tracked and followed through to a conclusion.

Third Action - Telephone (optional):

  • Telephone 1: 08456 520 502 (Mutiny Support Line)

Emergency Action (if unable to make contact by any of the means above)

  • Telephone 2: 07970 008 800 (Lawrence Freeman)
  • Telephone 3: 07967 193 783 (Andy Murray)

Support Hours

Normal support hours are 09:00 to 17:30 (UK local time) Mondays to Fridays only, excluding English Bank and Public Holidays.

Support Tickets are normally reviewed at all times.

Problem Severity Categories

All problems will be categorised by Mutiny Support at the time each problem is reported using the following Severity Categories:

Severity Category



A Software fault that has a severe impact on Mutiny's system operations for which there is no workaround.


A Software fault that has a significant, but limited impact on Mutiny's system operations which makes either one or more critical areas of functionality inoperable.


A Software fault that has a minimal impact on Mutiny's system operations which affects one or more non-critical areas of functionality.


A Software fault that has no impact on the running of Mutiny's system operations and only results in minor inconvenience.

Mutiny Support may subsequently change the severity of any problem if it is considered reasonable to do so in the circumstances.

Acknowledgement Times

Mutiny Support will acknowledge receipt of the customer's problem to the customer's technical support contact in accordance with the following time-scales:

Reporting Method

Problem Category

Acknowledgement Time



Within 24 hours
Within 24 hours
Within 48 hours
Within 48 hours



Within 24 hours

Note that the speed of email communications is dependent on the integrity and performance of the internet and related networks.

When acknowledging the problem, Mutiny Limited shall ascribe an incident number to the said problem and the customer must quote such incident number in all related communications thereafter.

Response Times

Once the customer's problem has been received by Mutiny Support, and provided that the customer has complied with the provisions of the Agreement, Mutiny Support shall seek to provide a resolution, workaround or plan and provide either of the foregoing within the following time-scales:

Problem Category

Response Time


1 working day


2 working days


10 working days


25 working days

Resolution Methods

Mutiny Support will attempt to provide a resolution to the problem using the following methods in order given below:

  • Customer support contact fixes the problem directly with email and/or telephone support from Mutiny.
  • Mutiny Support fixes the problem remotely using tools such as http, ssh and GoTo Meeting.
  • Mutiny Support issues a patch that the customer applies.
  • Mutiny Support will make an on-site visit to the customer.

Hardware Problems

New Mutiny appliances come with a 3 year return to base hardware warranty. In circumstances where the problem is deemed to be hardware-related, Mutiny Support will attempt to resolve the hardware issues before examining any related software problems.

Hardware faults will be fixed directly by the manufacturer of the particular model of hardware used to build the Mutiny appliance or by their appointed agents. In general, hardware problems will be resolved using one, or a combination, of the following methods in no fixed order:

  • Loan of replacement hardware, pending repair of a faulty system
  • Swapping one or more hard disk drives
  • Complete hardware replacement with an equivalent appliance type
  • Hardware is sent to a specialist support/repair organisation and will be returned to the customer when fixed

Progress Reports

Mutiny Limited will provide the customer with regular updates on the status of a problem at a frequency to be agreed with the customer at the time of reporting, except for a Showstopper, when Mutiny Limited shall automatically provide such updates every 4 hours.

Customer Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the following:

  • That regular backup snapshots of the Mutiny system are taken and saved to a secure location
  • That the Mutiny hardware is housed in an appropriate environment with adequate ventilation and a normal ambient temperature (eg. a Computer Machine/Server room or equivalent)
  • That all reasonable steps are taken to evaluate any perceived problems correctly and that standard methods of self-rectification (such as checking the configuration) are pursued before contacting Mutiny Support