Mutiny Technology are official Splunk> partners and registered Splunk> Architects.

Splunk> derived from Spelunk [spi-luhngk]

Verb to explore caves, especially as a hobby.

From a deep dive into caves to a deep dive into Big Data!

Your IT infrastructure generates massive amounts of data. Machine data - generated by websites, applications, servers, networks, mobile devices and the like.

By monitoring and analyzing everything from customer clickstreams and transactions to network activity to call records, Splunk turns your machine data into valuable insights.

Troubleshoot problems and investigate security incidents in minutes (not hours, or days). Monitor your end-to-end infrastructure to avoid service degradation or outages. And gain real-time visibility into customer experience, transactions and behavior.

Splunk will soon be integrated into the core mutiny system allowing you to further enhance application log analysis.

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