SLA Reporter Module


Delivers SLA and capacity pdf reports directly to your inbox   

Availability: Now

Requirements: Subscription Upgrade.

Cost: £500pa as a pro-rated subscription upgrade

With the need to provide more information to IT senior management and the business stakeholders on the performance of your IT infrastructure, Mutiny developed its Mutiny 'Reporter' Appliance.

This has been designed specifically from our customers' requests to meet their needs for IT service delivery reporting. It provides the answer to service level reporting - delivered via a secondary Mutiny appliance.Scheduled SLA reports

Benefits Summary

  • Automated SLA and Capacity reports with minimal IT administration input.
  • Deliver IT Service level reports to stakeholders.
  • Ensures total efficiency with regard to future infrastructure spend/updates
  • Maximizes asset efficiency
  • Saves time - no more manual collation of network activity
  • NOW an internal module for the Mutiny monitor


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