NetFlow Module


Display top talkers and protocols for Cisco NetFlow V5 devices

Availability: Now

Requirements: Licence Upgrade, additional virtual or physical appliance.

Cost: £500pa as a pro-rated subscription upgrade

This module is a direct result of customer feedback. A number of our customers were seeing high utilisation from our interface graphs and wanted to know the breakdown of the traffic to see whether it was authorised application use or otherwise. Without the need for deep packet analysis and the associated costs, our NetFlow module provides a simple breakdown of traffic types.

Benefits Summary

  • Automated collection of incoming flow data from v5 probes.
  • At a glance charts of data breakdown by type, talker and listener.
  • A quick next step in identifying bottlenecks and the cause.
  • Make use of NetFlow features already available in your routers.
  • Filter on Probe and Interface

A Screen shot of the Mutiny NetFlow Module Interface