Automated capacity and SLA(D) reporting

  • Automated SLA and Capacity reports with minimal IT administration input.
  • Customised reports with your company logo
  • Deliver IT Service level reports to stakeholders.
  • Ensures total efficiency with regard to future infrastructure spend/updates
  • Maximizes asset efficiency
  • Saves time - no more manual collation of network activity


 With the need to provide more information to IT senior management and the business stakeholders on the performance of your IT infrastructure, Mutiny developed its Mutiny 'Reporter' Appliance.

 This has been designed specifically from our customers' requests to meet their needs for IT service delivery reporting. It provides the answer to service level reporting.

  mutiny SLA reporter screenshot

What does it do?

Mutiny Reporter allows you to select any number of uptime reports from the service groups that you create in the core Mutiny interface.

So, for example, if you represent your email service as a group (which defines your email servers, switching and routing), then you are able to report on the availability of this service.

Furthermore you can automate the scheduling of reports so that they will be delivered to any number of people in PDF format.

Create service reports based on:

  • existing or new service groupings
  • individual network devices
  • any custom view your Mutiny has setup

Service Level Agreements

Mutiny will help you report against SLA's and these could be internal or external.

Services can be defined by you and can include analysis of service uptime across the following range of Mutiny monitored properties:

  • PING failure - is the device down?
  • SNMP failure - is the OS operating effectively?
  • Process Failure - is the application running?
  • Agent failure - is the application performing as expected?
  • IP service failure -  tests on end user functionality e.g. website availability

 Service time frames are fully flexible and can be inclusive or exclusive