Module - Active IPAM™


The Mutiny Active IPAM™ module helps you to manage your internal IP address space allocation.

Availability: V6

Requirements: Included with Mutiny Version 6

Gone are the days of keeping track of your IP addresses on out-of-date spreadsheets. Our Active IPAM™ module helps you keep track of your address space and also allows you to check crucial system information is up to date across all your infrastructure.This multi-user module also integrates with the mutiny monitor to allow you to quickly add nodes in that require monitoring.

Remove ambiguity and prevent simple mistakes by keeping track of your address blocks in this integrated module. The module also includes a range of network scanners to augment the data, helping you keep your network running smoothly.See IP Addresses compared to reverse DNS, sys name, node and label.

  • Compare to Known Mac address table
  • Add comments
  • Use Custom tags to group your addresses.
  • Actively scans ranges for changes
  • Last seen time for addresses
  • Reverse DNS, SNMP, Known Addresses, Known MACs. 
  • Removes ambiguity
  • "Add to Mutiny" feature for monitoring found devices
  • Helps remove false positives with Known Mac address tables.
  • Included in Mutiny Version 6+

Mutiny Active IPAM

Download our IPAM white paper
Download mutiny IPAM white paper