Mutiny Appliance


Mutiny supplies a range of dedicated monitoring appliances

Features of the Mutiny server appliance:

Ready-to-go Mutiny appliance, just configure the IP address for your network using the simple console and web on, add a Node Licence and begin to discover your network. 

Mutiny appliance


  • 3.4Ghz Intel SandyBridge Processor 8GB Ram
  • One 1TB(2TB) 3.5" SATA disk drive suitable for many years of data
  • Integrated dual 100/1000 Ethernet LAN for simple connection to an IP network
  • Available with dual redundant PSU

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Models Available


AP4 3.4Ghz Processor 8GB Ram 1TB HDD
AP4E 3.4Ghz Processor 8GB Ram 2TB HDD
AP4PSU 3.4Ghz Processor 8GB Ram 1TB HDD redundant PSU
AP4EPSU   3.4Ghz Processor 8GB Ram 2TB HDD redundant PSU



vmware Image

For users wishing to virtualise, Mutiny is available as a virtual machine. We don't recommend this option for your primary monitor but is good for a trial, temporary and DR system. Please see the instructions here

Mutiny Small Form Factor Appliance

If you're tight for space or wish to deploy a DR unit why not consider our new next unit of monitoring appliance based on the Intel® NUC.

This surprisingly powerful appliance packs a big punch with an Intel i5 processor 4GB of RAM and a 480 GB solid state drive.

Configuration is simple with a USB configuration key which also contains the system backup 

This unit is also suitable as a small business network monitor.