Mutiny Newsletter

Following the well-received release of Version 7, our developers continue to improve Mutiny and bring more features requested by our customers.

Events tables

We have redesigned the events viewing experience with new pop-out events panels, allowing you to open more than one at a time for comparison.
The event-detail panels have been cleaned up, and the layout improved to present the data more clearly.

Events history view

Event duration lifted

Originally, we wrote the 7-day event duration limit to protect the performance of large systems with many events that needed checking every cycle. With the new database structures introduced recently and the achieved performance gains, we have now lifted the maxiumum event duration from seven to 365 days. This will help our ISP partners identify long-standing issues and lower the number of repeated alerts.
We have added a new maintenance option of "Until OK" to work alongside this. The "Until OK" maintenance mode places nodes into maintenance for more extended periods.
We have also added new advanced-search options to identify nodes by event duration. These can be added to a "smart" view and passed over to engineering teams to fix/remove.

95th Percentile added to traffic data graphs

To assist our ISP partners in the publishing of traffic data, we have added the 95th Percentile calculations to the traffic graphs.

95th Percentile

New adapters

As with every release, we have also added and updated our adapters to cater for new and updated vendor devices.
See our release notes for more details; https://www.mutiny.com/mutiny-support/release-summary/

Support pages for recent additions:

We have added a new section to our popular customer support portal with insights to our new features, here are our latest articles.

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Finally, despite having one of the best products in the market, we don't have the big marketing budgets of our competitors, so we rely on recommendations and our good standing in the market, therefore, if you love Mutiny, please tell others, and if you move on to that new challenge with another business, then please bring Mutiny with you. We will help you impress your new team!

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