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In this edition we look at our engagement with Rybrook Holdings and Princess Yacht sales, looking at how installing Mutiny has helped the IT team track down recurring issues and given them visibility across their sites. There is access to our Rybrook Case Study and one from Wing Yip oriental superstores who have been using Mutiny across their sites since 2005.

We have a couple of articles this month. The first centres round best practice tips for effective network monitoring in your business. The second looks at how technical teams can communicate the importance of an investment in monitoring to their financial decision maker. Finally our latest white paper looks at IP Address Management (IPAM) and why your business should be using it.


Rybrook Brings in Mutiny to Monitor its Global Sites: Rybrook Holdings Ltd has implemented Mutiny to provide centralised and on-location monitoring across its sites and those of its sister company Princess Motor Yacht Sales. The appliance, installed in the head office, provides visibility of devices across the groups 21 sites in the UK and internationally. Additionally with the support of Mutiny the team are able to monitor devices at retail shows. Read the press release here. The case study is available here.

Case Studies

Rybrook holdings and princess yachtsRybrook Holdings Ltd: Rybrook Holdings is one of the UK’s largest luxury car retail groups selling and servicing new and used cars. Rybrook was set up in 1937 by H Whale and is still operated by the Whale family, who also own and operate Princess Motor Yacht Sales, the world’s largest and most established luxury yacht business. Rybrook uses Mutiny to monitor its 310 devices across 21 sites made up of 13 Rybrook, five Princess in the UK and four further ones across the world. Read more here.

Wing Yip oriental superstores: Wing Yip is widely recognised as the UK’s leading Oriental grocer. The company has rapidly become one of the most celebrated stores, sourcing and supplying authentic ingredients to the UK’s discerning chefs and food enthusiasts. Wing Yip has been using the Mutiny solution since October 2005 to monitor their infrastructure. Read more here.


Five Best Practice Tips for Effective Network Monitoring: Your network is the core of your operations so it’s important to ensure that everything is running smoothly and you are getting early warning of any potential problems. Many IT buyers put network monitoring and management tools in place and expect them to just work. However, monitoring tools are only as good as you make them. Read more here.

How to sell network monitoring to your CFO: As with many technology investments, selling the idea of network monitoring solutions to your financial decision makers can be a challenge. Before asking for support it’s important for IT managers not just to look at the technical benefits but to make the connection between network monitoring and the overall financial health and security of the business. Read more here.

White paper

IP Address Management – Why you and your business need to be using it: Trusting your IP Address Management (IPAM) to outdated spreadsheets and manual solutions is time consuming, expensive and fraught with risk. With the proliferation of non-traditional connected devices such as IoT and BYOD and the movement of business to IPv6, IPAM is required more than ever. Non adopters risk losing control of their allocation and introduce bottlenecks which could have catastrophic effects on their network and wider business. Read more here.

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