January Newsletter

Hello Everyone

We have released our latest update this week so here is small round-up of the changes.

Added New "Alert to API Contact" method with JSON templates

We are now supporting northbound alerting to API, this new contact type uses an editable JSON template to send alert data to another system. This paid for module upgrade includes ServiceNow.
Methods supported are GET, POST and PUT with Basic(username and password) or Bearer Header authentication.

The JSON template editor allows you to customise the fields sent.

API Contact edit panel


Nimble Storage

Native suport for the Nimble storage array, provides system and volume information.

Jacarta PowerZook

One of the many products we have added native support for, is the new PowerZook from our parters Jacarta.

PowerZook power monitor

This POE connected probe clips over the power cable suppling your equipment and can be discovered by the Mutiny system once it has been configured on your network. As soon as it has been discovered we begin to monitor the current and power. This can then be viewd as graphs on the node or incorporated into dashboards and added to the PDF reporting module and emailed periodically to members of your team responsible for monitoring power use.

If you are interested in purchasing the PowerZook, you can purchase then directly from our store here;  PowerZook

"Alerting Off" Smart View

Following on from a user request to show all nodes that have had their alerting turned off in the configuration panel, we have added a new smart view to show those nodes.


Mac Vendor added to IPAM panels

To aid in the identification of new devices found on the network, we have added the MAC vendor lookup to various panels in th Active IPAM™ module.


New HTTP Combined service test

Another user request was to provide a web service test that can perform basic auth to check for service availability. However, after adding this we saw that there were a lots of these differnt tests that could be combined into a single IP Service test that has all the options for testing your server including;

  • HTTP Auth
  • Via Proxy
  • HTTPS Certificate tests

During the upgrade, your existing http IP Service tests will automatically be converted. Later on in a future upgrade we will then remove the old single test types.

HTTP Combined Service Test Panel

Updates to the maintence interface.

On the rare occasion where we need to recover the latest snapshot from the appliance where a virtual appliance has a corrupt database, making the backup files available from the maintenance interface that runs on a seperate web engine, provides another way to access the backup should it ulimately be needed for a rebuild.


We have also added the Hot-Standby address configuration settings to the Platform Tab so that HS users can renumber their secondary appliance without the need to fail over.

Hot Standby platform panel image