Here is our latest customer newsletter where we will bring you up to date with technical developments and focus on some of our features often overlooked by users new to the product.

In this newsletter

- Update on IPAM.
- What are the Developers doing?
- CentOS migration.
- Hardware Upgrades.
- Asset Information.
- Quick Reports.
- Network Computing Awards.

Update on IPAM

Since we released the IPAM module last year, we have had lots of positive feedback and it has been well received by our users. Moving away from spreadsheets and using our free module helps to keep any eye on your subnets, track known MACs, tag your assets and reserve important IP addresses so that simple mistakes can be avoided.

We are currently collating feature requests for the next version, so if you have any ideas, please put them into a support ticket and we will add them to the discussion.

Read more about this free module here; https://www.mutiny.com/product/modules/IPAM/

What are the developers doing?

We are currently assembling the parts for Mutiny Version 6.1. This will include:

- A major re-write of the Dashboards to add new feature and allow them to be shared and published (accessible without a login).
- A new function called "Maintenance Mode" which will stop selected nodes generating Event and/or Alerts when they are known to be offline for maintenance or other reasons.
- An update to Tracked-View Alerting to allow filtering of the Event type and to add delays and repeats.
- We will be adding an option to allow ping-only nodes to change their IP address (without the need to delete and then re-add) and with that an Agent that will allow monitoring by DNS name rather than a fixed IP address.
- There will be new Agents for the APC NetBotz and Cisco Nexus Environmental monitoring.

We have also been developing a new range of micro probes based around the Orange Pi motherboard that will allow the gathering of data from inaccessible network locations.

CentOS Migration

Most customers have already migrated over to the CentOS version of the core Mutiny appliance, but if you are holding back, then you are missing out on the latest releases and the free IPAM module.

The process is fairly straight forward and allows you to migrate over your running configuration to the new appliance with very little disruption.

We can also carry out the migration for you with a site visit and health check, just drop us a line or open a support ticket if you are interested in this service.

For your reference, this is the support page for migration: https://mutiny.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/13000088235-migrate-your-virtual-appliance-to-centos-appliance

Hardware upgrades

I know we all like to sweat the assets and Mutiny is a great way to keep an eye on hardware performance, but even we have to upgrade sometimes, recently we migrated hardware that was installed in 2006, so 10 years is a great testament to our choice of appliance!

However with the migration to CentOS, some of the older appliances will not perform as well as our current AP4 so we are offering appliance upgrades to suit all.

Additionally we offer an "Appliance-Upgrade Bundle" that includes a new rack-mount appliance and onsite professional services to migrate, upgrade and health-check your system. 

If you would like more information, take a look at the upgrade options here: https://www.mutiny.com/product/Appliance_Upgrade/

Please note that there is currently a special offer on this upgrade until the end of March.

Asset information

We are often asked the question,

"how can we get a list of nodes on our system" or,

"can I get a list of serial numbers for my Cisco routers?"

Well if you haven't already found them by browsing your system, take a look at the "[Documents]" section. This area allows you to store technical information within your Mutiny system and this also includes some system-generated csv files in the Mutiny-Documents sub folder.

Using mutiny documents

These 2 files are generated nightly and contain useful asset information.

Quick Reports

This is another often under-utilised module. It allows users to quickly compare properties between nodes or groups of nodes, and display the results side-by-side on a single page.

Network Computing Awards

Network product of the year

Mutiny has become a finalist in the "Network Management Product of the Year" category. Winning this award would really mean a lot to us and so, if you are pleased with your Mutiny system, you can vote for us online here: http://www.networkcomputing.co.uk/ncawards/?page=nca2017voting

Also, we would like to bring a customer representative along to the Awards-Dinner and so we will put all the names of those who vote for us into a draw to select our guest for the evening.

So please spread the word and vote for us!