We have just released our last formal release for the year; where did that year go?

It contains several front-end improvements for touch interfaces and several enhancements in SNMPv3 credential management.

Here are the headline features and changes in this release.

Added test node to Nodes menu.

The test node toolbox that was only accessible from the Node Manager has now been added to the Node menu and can be opened from anywhere.

Test Node panel


Updated node manager to improve touch interface.

Changes to the front-end have improved the user experience when using a touch interface. A long press on the node opens the context menu.

Improved dragging of dashboard widgets for touch interface platforms.

Previously it wasn't easy to scroll a large dashboard without accidentally rearranging the widgets. A new move handle is visible when viewing with a touch screen and can move a widget.

 Mutiny Dashboard Widget Handle


Removed support for ie11 and other retired browsers.

We have ended support for the oldest browsers and removed the workarounds in the code to support them. This allows us to use newer methods in the front-end code.

Storing of SNMP v3 default credentials added to default settings.

We have added the ability to store three sets of SNMP v3 credentials in the default settings panel. These are used when automatically adding or testing nodes.

Store SNMP v3 credentials


Test Node can now use all stored default credentials.

The test node panel can test all the community strings and v3 credentials stored in the default settings.

Test device using default credentials 



Reset polling with defaults checkbox added.

We have added a new checkbox to allow the reset polling to use the credentials saved in the default settings.

Reset Polling with Default Credentials


Added Go Realtime to ping graph.

Starts graphing ping continuously and displays the results



Added Graph availability to ping panel.

This option adds a graph of the device availability.

Graph Availability 

Interface Availability Graph


Added 3 and 7-day alert repeats to track events.

This option allows you to repeat the alert when a node is open for a long period.


Added Ping and Traps checkbox to "Copy To Nodes" panel.

Ticking this option will copy the settings to other nodes. The 'copy to node' is accessed from the node context menu(right-click) or Node manager screen.


Added cut-off to Cisco Memory Pool adapter that ignores all values above 1 PB.

This appears to be a bug in the Cisco SNMP agent. Therefore, we have written a workaround to this behaviour to correct the percentage and graph.


Cisco Entity sensors adapter with optional graphing

Used to monitor the values of sensors in the Entity-MIB (RFC 2037) entPhysicalTable. This includes a large number of physical properties, including optical power etc.

Added support for ESXi 7 servers.

Predominantly the same as 6.5, but Mutiny will now recognise and set properties accordingly.

Added new drive health adapter and SSD wear rate agent for HPE servers.

This new adapter is automatically added to HPE servers and iLO devices; it monitors drive health, including SSD wear rate.

Drive Health Agent


Updated API with v3 discover options.

See updated API document here; 



Finally, from all the team here at Mutiny, we wish you all a Happy Christmas and an event-free New Year.