As we have released version 6.1 of mutiny, we thought we would round up on some of the features we have added and let you know what to expect in the coming year of development.

Major additions added during 2017

Active IPAM. This module has been extremely well received and has proved a huge time-saver for busy administrators. As well as being confident that you are giving out a free address, the ability to store known MAC addresses means you don't jump to conclusions when that random iPhone pops up on the network.

Published and Shared Dashboards. As an enhancement to our dashboards module, we added the ability to share your Dashboards with others in the team or publish them to a UR - just like you can do with Views. This makes it easier to build resources for your teams to help them visualise how their systems are performing.

ServiceNow Connector. We can now output Events directly to ServiceNow to enable the system monitoring from mutiny to report directly into your workflow.

Maintenance Mode. A quick way to stop nodes or groups of nodes from generating Events or Alerts whilst they are undergoing maintenance or have known issue that can’t immediately be fixed. The node is still monitored so you can see the status of the properties.

Tracked Views & Tracked-Events Alerting. This addition has proved a very popular way to add Contacts to the Alerting by simply ticking the Views and Event types that you are interested in. You will then receive Alerts, of the selected types, from any nodes present in your selected Views.

Memory Monitoring, We have added a number of new memory Adaptors to allow you to choose how you want to report on memory usage. Depending on the server function, it may be desirable to monitor physical memory or total memory or caches etc. 

Hot Stand-by. Many improvements have been made to the code managing the synchronisation of data between Primary and Secondary systems as well as the processes involved in the transfer of polling from a failed Primary to the ready-and-waiting Secondary..

Additional Smart Views. New views that contain Critical and Warning nodes, Not-polled systems as well as those nodes currently in Maintenance Node.

New and Updated Vendor support We are continuously creating and updating Adapters to monitor, aggregate and present vendor-specific data. This includes updated Agents for the Cisco Nexus range and some modifications to support the recent firmware changes for WatchGuard firewalls.

Track DNS Changes. A number of our customers have asked if it is possible to monitor some of their systems by the DNS name rather than by IP address. The reason for this is that the IP address of peripatetic devices and some other workstations may change (perhaps because of DHCP) whereas the DNS name will remain constant. In order to maximise efficiency, protocols such as ICMP (ping) and SNMP need to use the raw IP address at the packet level meaning that address lookup cannot easily be done on the fly.
We have now added a new Agent to Mutiny Version 6.1 that is simply called “Track DNS changes”. To see how it works take a look at this pictogram; https://mutiny.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/13000045720-how-to-monitor-by-dns-name

For a full list of V6.1 changes see the release summary at; https://www.mutiny.com/mutiny-support/previous-releases/

Downloads are in the usual place on our website in the https://www.mutiny.com/downloads/

Development items slated for 2018

Active IPAM. We are planning some additions to IPAM to give you more control of the active agents, reporting and alerting.

Node-Search Functions. We are developing some enhanced search functions for the Views that will all the node properties to be searched, including installed software, serial numbers and OS versions.

Appliance Upgrades

We are still offering our Appliance-Upgrade Bundle that includes our latest AP4 appliance and our on-site consultancy services to migrate your system to the new appliance running our latest version. Please visit the upgrade page at product/Appliance_Upgrade/

Introducing RestorePoint

Automate manual processes across more than 100 Network & Security vendors using Restorepoint. 

Mutiny partners with Restorepoint to provide the most comprehensive multi-vendor network configuration backup and recovery solution on the market today.
Using Restorepoint you can; 

• Automate time consuming network configuration backup without scripts.
• Recover from network device failure or configuration errors in seconds. 1-Click recovery allows even untrained engineers to restore service quickly.
• Save time with automated compliance auditing. Detect changes, analyse configurations or device/health status.
• API support for integration with Mutiny and other monitoring & SIEM platforms. • Global Search device configurations in seconds. Find IP addresses, stale user accounts, protocols and more.
• Click to Terminal. Get instant CLI access using a Web browser.
• Manage simple or complex changes using Device Control. Push bulk commands, scripts or configuration templates to multiple devices.
• Integrated Asset Management tracks device information including firmware, serial numbers, interfaces and routing.

Contact us to arrange a trial.

Universal Console

Mutiny also provide Restorepoint’s second product, Universal Console, a privileged access management, session recording and automation platform. 

Quickly regain control over your infrastructure using a single solution that is able to fully manage and audit privileged user access to all systems. 

• Grant or revoke access to employees contractors or third parties in one action, instead of managing individual user accounts for each system
• Meet regulatory standards including PCI and GDPR that require secure and audited access to systems containing cardholder or customer data.
• Limit access by time of day, or require Connection Approval. • Monitor, record, playback and search user sessions to see what a user saw, and the actions they performed.
• Define access policies to restrict what actions can be performed. For example, prevent the ability to hop between systems. Policy violations can generate alerts, disconnect, or ban user access.
• Collaborate with others using shared terminal, Windows or VNC sessions.
• Manage Changes across systems with powerful automation features.
• Integrates with authentication systems including LDAP, RADIUS, OKTA and oAuth2
• Supports: telnet, SSH, Microsoft RDP, VNC (RFB), http, https, FTP, SCP, SFTP, CIFS Contact Mutiny for a free trial.

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And Finally

Mutiny has been nominated in the IT Optimisation Product of the year category in this year's Network Computing Awards.

Mutiny are Finalists

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