IG Group Case Study


Founded in 1974, IG Group plc is the holding company of two wholly-owned subsidiaries, IG Index plc and IG Markets Ltd. IG Index is the leading spread betting business in the UK by reference to turnover and profitability offering the opportunity to bet on a wide range of financial markets and sports events. IG Markets offers non-betting activities, which are broken down into Foreign Exchange trading and Contracts For Differences (CFDs).-


IG Group's network consist of 220 users and 600 nodes. The network includes the vital web servers that keep its online betting and financial trading operations up and running. IG Group have installed a Toshiba Network Monitor with Mutiny On-board. Before finding Mutiny, IG Group's Adam Jackson had looked at other network management solutions, but dismissed them as too costly and complex.

Business Benefits

Mutiny's network monitoring technology is already saving IG Group time and money by providing 24/7 monitoring their entire infrastructure.

Adam Jackson, Head of IT Services at IG Group said: The Mutiny Network Monitor does exactly what we need it to and sold itself to me in less than 10 minutes

[Mutiny] already saves us two-to-three man hours a day that we had to spend manually checking the web servers every morning and also prevents network downtime and poor performance by spotting potential problems before they affect users.

Alert criteria and levels can be defined for each individual network device and IG Group takes advantage of email and SMS messaging alert facilities.

The Mutiny solution does not simply provide information on the physical state and health of network devices or nodes such as routers, servers, printers and workstations but also how they are performing critical processes. The ability to completely configure and customise the appliance is a major benefit as criticality varies from device to device, said Jackson. Everything that we have pointed the Mutiny box at on our network, it has been able to monitor immediately.

If the web servers go down IG Group's online business grinds to a halt, so like most companies, it simply can't afford network failures, said Andy Murray - Mutiny's CTO. We believe that The Mutiny Network Monitor meets a growing demand for a cost-effective, appliance-based solution that delivers rapid ROI by reducing downtime and helping to optimise network performance.

For less than £5,000, the powerful Mutiny appliance can be set up in less than four hours through a web-based interface to provide real-time display and reporting of network hardware and application status.