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How to reduce network troubleshooting time

Business continuity is a vital concern for most organisations. It is linked to everything from your customers’ ability to buy your products or services, to your finance department's ability to make sure your staff get paid on time.

In today's businesses, which are overwhelmingly structured around IT systems, a hugely influential factor in achieving good business continuity is your ability to quickly and accurately troubleshoot any networking problems. And troubleshooting isn't just about being able to rapidly return your business to normal operations; it is also about being able to avert reputational disasters by being clear and concise about what is happening.

Let's imagine that somewhere, somehow, an IT problem has caused part of your Website to go down. Online shoppers are still able to browse, but as soon as they try to check out their shopping cart, they are presented with an error message.

Clearly, this is hugely damaging to the business in the short term. No checkouts means no sales and no revenues. But it can rapidly become a far bigger longer-term problem if you are unable to explain to those customers what is happening and when it will be fixed.

In other words, successful network troubleshooting isn't just about speed of repair; it is also about speed of identifying and understanding the problem, and clarity of information around that problem.

This is why automated network-monitoring can be such a powerful tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes; helping them to quickly and accurately work out what is causing a particular outage and shape their communications accordingly. With the right network-monitoring tool, you have real-time, comprehensive access to information about your entire network infrastructure and how it is performing. It is far easier to pinpoint the source of a problem than if your IT team is manually picking its way through disparate metrics and tools.

Here are some elements to consider when choosing a network monitoring-system to minimise your troubleshooting time:

  • What are the alert options? Mutiny allows you to choose from SMS messaging, emails, pop-ups on your computer screen, a large screen wallboard along with integration into any helpdesk system - thus ensuring that you select the alert system or systems that are most convenient for you. Greater convenience means that you will be aware of any network and performance problems as soon as possible – and can start actioning a repair, and any relevant communications, immediately.

  • What protection is there against false alerts? There's no point in going to all this effort to reduce troubleshooting time if you’re wasting time elsewhere on false alerts. Look for network-monitoring tools that provide root-cause analysis with every alert.

  • What scalability and flexibility is available as your business grows? Again, there is no point in investing in a mechanism to reduce troubleshooting time if you need to replace it in just a few short years.

To discuss how Mutiny's monitoring tool could help you reduce network-troubleshooting times, contact us today.

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