Rybrook Brings in Mutiny to Monitor its Global Sites

19 February 2016: Rybrook Holdings Ltd has implemented Mutiny to provide centralised and on-location monitoring across its sites and those of its sister company Princess Motor Yacht Sales. This encompasses 21 sites in the UK and internationally.

Rybrook is one of the UK's largest prestige car retail groups, selling and servicing new and used vehicles such as: Bentley, BMW, Lamborghini, Porsche and Rolls-Royce. Princess is the world’s largest retailer of luxury yachts.

Mutiny provided a centralised monitoring appliance which gives the group complete visibility across its infrastructure, currently covering 310 devices, made up of routers, switches, printers, servers and other infrastructure technologies. It is also being used to monitor Rybrook's SIP trunks and IP telephony systems as well as monitoring uptime on non-SNMP compatible devices.

Rybrook's team were particularly impressed with the speed of deployment and customisation available in the product; such as the ability to add your own device naming conventions, allowing staff to instantly identify each device and its location. Additionally, the ability to assign site maps allows the team to identify problem devices in any office, based on their physical location on the site.

Rybrook uses a number of customised Mutiny dashboards to provide an overall view of network performance covering: CPU, disk and memory utilisation and wide area networks. In addition, each local site has a published web dashboard that tells local users when devices are off-line, removing pressure from the central team.

Neil Prince, IT Manager at Rybrook said: “We had two long-standing issues on two of our sites. Thanks to Mutiny, we’ve now fixed both the issues, purely because the new appliance allowed us to analyse our throughput and see when devices were dropping on and off our network.”

Mutiny’s scalable architecture means that when Rybrook opens three new sites in 2016 these will also be monitored by the single appliance. Additionally the Rybrook team plans to use more product features, such as SMS alerts and environmental monitoring, following previous overheating issues in their server rooms.

Rybrook's Neil Prince added: "It's critical that we have maximum up time of our customer centric systems and that's where Mutiny has made such as positive impact. The solution has been simple to set up and use and has given us comprehensive visibility across all our sites. Mutiny was even able to provide remote monitoring of our systems on our stand at the International Boat Show. Going forward we like the fact that the system will grow with us at a reasonable cost. We see this as a long term partnership.”

Dr Andy Murray, Chief Technology Officer at Mutiny said: "The Mutiny appliance has already shown its value to Rybrook and Princess by allowing both on-site and centralised monitoring of their devices. We look forward to working with them and supporting them in the future."

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