11th October 2016: Network monitoring company Mutiny has announced that its IP-Address Management (IPAM) module will now be available within its Version 6 product, to be launched at this year’s IPExpo in London. The IPAM module allows network managers to track which subnet IP addresses are free to use and which are already assigned to their network devices. Devices on the same network which are assigned the same addresses can cause major network disruption and in the worst cases, cause a device to disconnect from the network all together.

Preventing multiple devices accidentally being assigned the same address often comes down to a reliance on spreadsheets. But as networks grow, large numbers of devices lead to large number of addresses. This combined with often poor maintenance of these records results in networks hitting issues. The IPAM module is scalable, growing with an organisation’s network and cuts through the complication of tracking hundreds of IP addresses.

Lawrence Freeman, Mutiny operations director commented, “Imagine a scenario where you are managing all your IP addresses on spreadsheets. Often these become outdated and people forget to update them. It’s easy to do and can result in IP addresses being misallocated or worse duplicated. With one of your printers on the same IP address as a major server, suddenly your network, and your business, is in chaos and there is no record of where the clash is occurring. IPAM puts an end to this.”

The IPAM module which has been 18 months in development complements its existing monitoring product and provides IT professionals with the control of their IP estate they need to an age of ever more connected devices.

The inclusion of the IPAM module in Version 6 coincides with a number of other upgrades to the Mutiny monitoring product including of performance enhancements and a move to the latest version of Linux operating system.

Existing customers interested in upgrading should contact Mutiny for details.