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If you are running 5.1 fedora then you need to upgrade the Core Mutiny OS

Mutiny has moved to a new core OS based on CentOS. In order to upgrade beyond V5.1.12 Fedora users will need to follow a fairly simple migration plan.

Fedora Mutiny


CentOS Mutiny
2018 >

FC4mutinyBundle-5.1.12-4307.tgz.gpg (final fedora version)    
Migrate to CentOS  
    CentOS 5.1.12-4307  
  CentOSmutinyBundle-6.1.0-5445.tgz.gpg (final 6.1 release)
  CentOSmutinyBundle-6.2.1-5880.tgz.gpg (Current release) SKIP
  CentOSmutinyBundle-6.3.1-5951.tgz.gpg (Current release)
  CURRENT RELEASE 6.3.1-5951  

Running an old appliance?

Why not take advantage of our appliance upgrade offer and we will carry out the migration for you?

Changes to mutiny version numbering

Fedora versions prior to 5.1.12 and CentOS mutiny systems have slightly different version numbers. The Fedora upgrades used this format; 5.1-1.10 The Major release 5.1 is separated by a "-" dash to the minor revision 1.10 e.g. 5.0-1.13 or 5.1-1.10 . The New CentOS versions look like 5.1.11-3967 or 5.1.12-4040 where 5.1.12 is the release version and 4040 is the build. The build number increases every time our developers submit a change to the build system, we won't release a new version every day but from time to time when enough changes warrant an upgrade.

Please note!

When downloading mutiny bundles, select save as, then select file type as "all files", then rename the file from xxx.tgz.gz to xxx.tgz.gpg prior to uploading.

Frequently asked upgrade questions

How do I check which Kernel I'm running?
See this How-To
How do I upgrade?
Follow this pictogram
After upgrading to V5.0 my licence is showing as invalid what now?
Please apply for a replacement licence here
After upgrading to V5 I can't login with my old user, what do I need to do?
Please login with the new default "superadmin@mutiny.com" and "password"                                                    
After downloading my PC has renamed the file to xxx.tgz.gz what do I need to do?
Rename the bundle back to xxx.tgz.gpg before upgrading