Release Summary

Latest Release - Mutiny @ Version 7.6.0-14xxx


  • Added resizeable status panels
  • Modified "Debug V3" to present a reset button if the internal test failed while the external test succeeded.
  • Added "Reset SNMP V3" button that appears when V3 is configured and SNMP status is warning or critical.
  • Added Reset SNMP v3 to node maintenance tasks.
  • add "show password" button for tls password field
  • Added HWG-STE2 Environment Monitor
  • Added IPAM Tag option to "Advanced Search" and "Edit Smart View Query" panels
  • Fixed SQL exception when importing users and locations without phone numbers.
  • Modified Node context menu to use new highlight functionality for "Show in IPAM".
  • Add max backup number to keep option in Backup/Restore
  • Modified to allow SVG for background images.
  • Enabled SNMP v3 scanning for IPAM.
  • Allow IPAM Scanners to be controlled on a per-range basis.
  • Add support for sms.capcom.me android gateway.
  • Added "set interface monitoring" maintenance task
  • added new internet speedtest agent
  • Added "Show in View" option to context menu.
  • Added function to retrieve ADVA Software Version
  • Added Address Search field to Interfaces panel
  • Added IP Address to interface panel tooltip
  • Added "Show in View" option to context menu
  • Modified so that a shift-click on a panel close button closes all panels
  • Modified default email-Alert template. Renamed the previous default template to "old-default.email", overwriting the previous version
  • Added Meraki MR36 Cloud Managed Indoor AP
  • Modified to only update the changed Nodes in the smart views
  • Improvements to Alerts from Events closed by deleting Nodes
  • Added new Alert-Template parameters %NodeState% and %EVENTSTATE%
  • Added "Dark Mode" preview mode
  • add proxy support for online updates
  • Added new Alert-Template parameter %MaintenanceState%
  • Added "Very Strict" password checking setting to the frontend config. This forces passwords to be 12 varied characters and will force a 90 day expiry policy in the future.
  • Updated to latest SNMP library that includes performance optimisations to SNMPv3
  • Turn off repeating Alerts for "Not-Polled" closing Events
  • Updated Barco MIBs to the latest versions
  • Added Barco Alchemy/ICMP overall status adapter
  • Added Barco Alchemy/ICMP RAID adapter
  • Added Barco Alchemy/ICMP Unplayable Content adapter
  • Added Barco ICMP temperature, fan and voltage
  • Added Cisco Entity Sensor adapter variant that graphs data but does not report threshold warnings
  • Added documentation of the shared data API
  • Added API endpoints for accessing shared data collections and individual shared data documents
  • Added support for Dolby Show Store/Player to the SMS structure generator
  • Added "Doremi Projector Status" Agent
  • Added the ability to increase the ping retries of the faster polling mode
  • Fixed bug that didn't always backup database on Alma systems
  • Modernised NetApp environment adapter
  • Added latest NETAPP MIB
  • Support for IPv6 addresses stored in ipAddressTable.
  • Modifications to eventLogger to react to the new "Ping Polling Speed" options
  • Added status details data attributes and tooltips in Node status panels.
  • Added the the ability to increase the polling speed.
  • Added IPv6 polling support
  • Added options for 8, 12 and 24 hour global maintenance.
  • Add node type for Ivanti (Pulse Secure) Secure-Access Controller
  • Fixed (new) NTP IP service test for Alma systems
  • Added support for Custom UI Panel development
  • Added support for custom Adapters development
  • Added Node and View maintenance tasks that update Sony SMS properties
  • Added Sony R5xx full reboot to task API and maintenance tasks panel.
  • Added support for rebooting Sony R5xx projectors.
  • Added support for Barco "SP" series Digital Cinema Projecters.
  • Added SNMP discovery for Doremi Digital-Cinema Servers
  • Added adapter definition for new ADVA L3 PTP Clocks adapter.
  • Add NTLM login option for http service tests
  • Added initial UCD-SNMP/Net-SNMP load average agent adapter.
  • Modified Calnex Sentinel adapter to store its internal thresholds so that they can be graphed.
  • Updated API guide see API guide
  • Added API endpoints to get and set the agents polling property.
  • Modified to work with a stricter CSP.
  • Added auto update feature to Alma OS systems
  • Added audio alert published view to list of published views in configure panel.
  • Turned auto-refresh on for admin users for the Ping, SNMP, CPU Load and Agents panels. 
  • Fixed help buttons on panel title bars in graphing window.
  • Added JUMFlot plugin library, this includes a plugin for candlestick graphs.
  • Add support for setting DNS servers from console.
  • Added "Sony Unplayable Schedule Adapter" to KDM Nodes processed by the SMS Structure Generator.
  • Added Calnex Sentinel adapter to adapter definitions.
  • Added icons for Calnex Sentinal, Sentry and Paragon-x.
  • Improve status text during upgrades.
  • Fixed JS error when changing sorting of grid and card views.
  • Added identification of Versa Networks Edge Routers.
  • Added initial adapter for Calnex Sentinel data API.
  • Modified initial interSeptor Pro XP adapter.
  • Added reading of Analog Probes to geistEnvMonAppAgent.
  • Modified to move help button into panel top bar when possible.
  • Fixed connect context menu to work in table view.
  • Added adapter for EMD sensors on Jacarta InterSeptor Pro XP devices.
  • Changed to Version 7.5 to reflect database schema change with UTF-8
  • Added SVG document icons
  • Added initial projector environment adapter for Christie S3/4 devices.
  • Added Christie S3 and S4 Temperature and Fan monitoring.
  • Added initial projector security adapter for Christie S3/4 devices.
  • Added initial projector status adapter for Christie S3/4 devices.
  • Added new Fortinet Virtual FortiGate Firewall as a Node Type
  • Changed to Version 7.4 to reflect database schema change.
  • Added Blue svg icon set.
  • Added IPT PDU meters adapter
  • Added new CheckPoint mib.
  • Added panel that allows the user to upload a CSV file and uses the API to add new locations for that data.
  • Added API endpoint for adding locations.
  • Added CSV upload to match and rename node labels for view Maintenance Tasks.
  • Added CSV upload for users with the ability to also create a matching contact.
  • Added Repair SNMP and all children task to Maintenance Tasks.
  • Added Repair SNMP task to Maintenance Tasks.
  • Added Reparent Children by traceroute to Maintenance Tasks.
  • Added Maintenance tasks to Node context menu.
  • Added ability to perform an API test and enabled API test button.
  • Added new Test button to ICMP status panel that runs a faster fping test.
  • Added updated Checkpoint MIB.
  • Added graphing of NetVision UPS charge remaining, temperatures and output electrical properties.
  • Added NetVision UPS adapter to adapter definitions.
  • Add Broad Test to SNMP panel. (tests all alive IP addressess with all saved community strings)
  • Fixed deadlock in API Smart View query editing.
  • Added documentation of children Node API endpoint.
  • Added API endpoint that returns the direct children of a Node.
  • Added "Add & Find Parent" button to the Test Node panel that uses traceroute to find the parent of the tested Node.
  • Modified "Add to Monitor" to default to using traceroute to arrange new Nodes from IPAM and traps.
  • Added initial Sony SMS Daily Reboot adapter. This chooses a time between 3am and 5am, and attempts to reboot the SMS then unless it is playing, validating etc
  • Added logging of unrecognised HA Role data.
  • Updated Geist MIB Added
  • Added Sony SMS adapter that examines log messages for unplayable schedules.
  • Added Pure Storage adapter 
  • Added Christie projector adapters
  • Modified the Backup Upload to remove the file size restrictions.
  • Enabled "Add To Report" button for Advanced Search panel.
  • Added "sort by hierarchy" to Nodes API.
  • Modified "Remove From View" panel to allow Nodes to be deleted entirely from Mutiny instead of just removed from the view.
  • Added "Delete Nodes in Smart View" panel.
  • Modified to allow Node IP addresses to be picked from a list of detected addresses, as well entered manually.
  • Added a "broad" SNMP test of all IP addresses on a Node and all SNMP credentials in SNMP test.
  • Fixed search not performing a case-insensitive match when using the simple non-regex path.
  • Modified "Copy Node..." "Polling" option so that it doesn not copy community strings, port numbers or retries.
  • Replaced "V3" option with "SNMP Config" option which copies both V1/V2c and V3 configuration, including community strings etc.
  • Updated Geist MIB
  • Added new Cisco type ciscoC887VaMK9
  • Modified Advanced Search so that "Status Updated", "Status Changed" and "Open Event" rules can be specified in either days ago or using a date picker.
  • Modified "Test Node" to present a dropdown list of all the IP addresses associated with a Node.
  • Added Christie temperature and fan data.
  • Added initial version of Christie Projector Status adapter.
  • Update user views/API to include allowed_views and roles.
  • Allow discovery of SNMP devices without system MIB.
  • Add Pure Storage monitoring.
  • Add message for empty top tens page
  • Added "Add to Dashboard" button to quick reports/graphs pages.
  • Modified to allow Node property fields to be included in the connect string.
  • Modified to allow multiple connect methods to be configured and used on a Node
  • Added Sony projector fiter critical alert at 3000 hours
  • Add API call to addusers and contacts.
  • Add API call to list users
  • Updated PowerZook power monitor
  • Improved discovery of MikroTik and Jacarta PowerZook devices
  • Added force manual failover to Secondary HA systems
  • Modified to hide the legend on small graphs so it doesn't cover the data and only show it on hover.
  • Modified to allow the user to select how Quick Report/Quick Graphs should be sorted
  • Modified to always sort Quick Reports/Quick Graphs by maximum value
  • Improved monitoring of GDC MediaBlock status adapter
  • Added key based authentication to SSH
  • Modified default HP/Compaq temperature adapter to graph Ambient, CPU, System Board, Chassis and Warning/Critical temperatures.
  • Added adapter that turns graphing on for HP/Compaq temperatures.
  • Add backup to restorepoint
  • Fixed "404 Not Found" bug in Alerts from Trap Events
  • Added form, action, messages and page for "Bulk Rename Nodes".
  • Modified Alert Details field to be limited to 4 lines by default
  • Added "Copy To Views..." to buttons and context menu in "Edit Views..." panel.
  • Modified Poll Interval to be a select box to better reflect the range of values that can be chosen.
  • Modified to monitor Dell Storage Manager SMART alerts directly
  • Improved HTML output of Dell Array Manager/Storage Manager RAID adapters.
  • Added controller version OIDs for Dell Storage Management MIBs
  • Added monitoring of Dell Storage Management RAID controller versions.
  • Modified Dell Array/Storage RAID adapters to monitor Virtual Disk status.
  • Modified Dell Array/Storage RAID adapters to monitor Fan and Temperature Probe status.
  • Modified Dell Array/Storage RAID adapters to monitor PSU status.
  • Modified Dell Array/Storage RAID adapters to monitor enclosure status.
  • Added Dell Status Manager RAID adapter that allows battery problems to be excluded from the overall status.
  • Added number of Nodes in maintenance to the various status summaries.
  • Added HP/Compaq RAID adapter that does not include cache battery problems in the overall status.
  • Modified to HP RAID agent report Cache Accelerator Battery Status.
  • Added GDC Playback Status adapter
  • Added "duplicates" output format to Nodes API that returns all the duplicates present on a Mutiny system.
  • Added API endpoint that returns all the duplicates of the specified Node.
  • Add new certificates to centos bundle
  • Added GDC MediaBlock adapter
  • Modified Expiring KDM adapter to use option to test the update time of the extra data.
  • Added alarm table data to Doremi Projector status adapter.
  • Added Doremi Environment Sensor adapter.
  • Added Doremi Projector Status adapter.
  • Added Doremi Drive Health adapter.
  • Modified to support getting lamp runtime values from older Barco projectors.
  • Added reporting and graphing of power usage to Barco Lamp adapter.
  • Added adapter that displays and graphs GDC fan speed and temperatures.
  • Added monitoring of GDC physical drive health.
  • Added GDC Memory, Storage and Drive Health adapters
  • Improved Barco Projector DP2000/DP100 temperature, fan and voltage adapters:
  • Changed Barco Lamp details message.
  • Added Barco Digital Cinema Projector MIBS.
  • Added adapter that inspects "KDM Expiring" log messages and sets a status based on how many hours are left.
  • Added Foundry and sFlow MIBs
  • Added AES Sync State to properties monitored by Dolby CP950 adapter.
  • Added Sony SMS UPS adapter.
  • Added Dolby CP950 adapters.
  • Fixed sorting of "Event Source" column.
  • Added adapter that monitors Sony Projector lamps
  • Added Sony MB storage adapter.
  • Added Warnings for latest HP/Aruba Loop notification traps.
  • Added API endpoint that returns the remote interfaces assigned to a view
  • Added adapter that monitors the playback status of Sony SRX-Rxxx projectors
  • Added RAID adapter for Sony LMT300
  • Added LED adapter for Sony LSM-100, XCT-S10
  • Added Sony LSM alert log adapter
  • Added Sonus VOIP SBC Calls Agent
  • Removed old SSL cyphers from frontend
  • Added "Flatten Views" button to Grid, Cards and Map view layout types
  • Added "Show in IPAM" option to Node context menu
  • Modified map view to allow selection of view as well as Location
  • Added "Show In Node Manager" to Node context menu
  • Modified SearchRules to perform more sophisticated searches
  • Added sort children to node manager
  • Added Cut/paste to node manager
  • Modified Grid/Cards view to default to sorting by status if no other option is present
  • Added support for InfraPower IP Dongle
  • Added support for Aruba WiFi traps
  • Added support for Jacarta iMeter Lite 
  • Added Sort by options to Node Manager
  • Added Cut/Paste and Sort to Edit Views context menu
  • Added View Filters to Dashboard Table widgets
  • Added search to Edit Views panel
  • Added new events search endpoint to the API to find intersecting events
  • Modified published Remote Interface view to include the full interface description. 
  • Added ignored events back into node events log view
  • Fixed JS error on wallboard rotation
  • Added the ability to rename dashboard widgets
  • Added Configure icon to IPAM address view, allows adding and removing of columns 
  • Added test node to Nodes menu
  • Updated node manager to better support touch interface  
  • Improved dragging of dashboard widgets for touch interface platforms
  • Front-end code improvements
  • Fixed navbar menus to work properly on mixed pointer and touch platforms
  • Removed support for ie11 and other retired browsers
  • Test Node can now use all stored default credentials 
  • Storing of SNMP v3 default credentials added to default settings
  • SNMP v3 test node additions
  • Reset polling with defaults options added
  • Added Go Realtime to ping graph
  • Added Graph availability to ping panel
  • Added 3 and 7 day alert repeats to track events
  • Added "Ping" and "Traps" checkbox to "Copy To Nodes" panel
  • Added cut-off to Cisco Memory Pool adapter that ignores all values above 1 PB. This appears to be a bug in the Cisco SNMP agent.
  • Cisco Entity sensors adapter with optional graphing
  • Added support for ESXi 7 servers
  • Added new drive health adapter and SSD wear rate agent for HPE servers
  • Added default SNMP v3 discovery options
  • Updated API with v3 discover options
  • Added SNMP v3 credential page to default settings
  • Fixed bug to remove detached events from deleted nodes showing in wallboards
  • Redesigned Adapters panel
  • AutoComplete added to several input boxes
  • Enhancements to Dell iDrac Adapter
  • Enhancements to Extreme Environment Adapter
  • Enhancements to Juniper JUNOS Adapter
  • Enhancements to HP ProCurve Adapter
  • Enhancements to Cisco Nexus Adapter
  • Added 95th Percentile calculation to the pop-out Interface graphs
  • Added adapters that monitor Synology System, Disk and RAID health
  • Added EqualLogic Storage Pool adapter
  • Added MIB files for MSA2000 traps and other HP/Compaq devices
  • Geographical Location names and addresses can now be included in Alert Templates
  • Added Dell Storage Center MIB
  • Added storage adapter for Dell Storage Center devices
  • Added Cisco Environment Monitoring MIB
  • Added Synology MIBS
  • Added EqualLogic base and storage MIBs
  • Pop-out panels for events on node status panel
  • Pop-out panels for events from open events and event history pages
  • Redesign events details panels
  • Added maintenance button to events details panel
  • Added "Open Event Duration" as an option on the Advanced Search panel
  • Added search rule/test that queries for Nodes with specified open event durations
  • Changed maximum open-Event length to 365 days (from 7 days)
  • Added traps type to IPAM
  • Added state and ignore ito interfaces copy option
  • Added alarms table to standard UPS adapter
  • Updated InterSeptor Pro adapter
  • Added new maintenance mode "Until OK" option
  • Added Help button to Navigation tab that links to help pages
  • Added APC Transfer Switch adapter
  • Added Acknowledgement text to tooltips
  • Added new tooltips for events in nodes and status panel
  • Fixed bug in maintenance backups that downloaded a zero byte file
  • Fixed bug that changed network interfaces back to default after upgrade
  • Improve logic to prevent Primary Primary in Hot Standby
  • New Smart views setup with advanced search
  • New per-node Traps Panel
  • New Traps history page
  • Remove support for redundant browsers
  • Added support for Extreme Networks enterprise-specific traps
  • Changes to IPAM polling engine
  • Fixed IPAM polling time bug
  • Added support for new MutinySMS gateway
  • Added new port test output to test node
  • Added new advanced search options; Status Changed, Status Updated
  • Added new SNMP test function that tests all default community strings
  • Fixed Bug in Windows DHCP Agent for "Normal" range thresholds.
  • Fixed bug in TrapLogger that caused it to restart on very long vendor names
  • Added Disk discovery and [test] function for Nimble Storage Disks
  • Fixed bug that prevented "Authentication Failure" traps been filtered
  • Added automatic upgrade of secondary hot standby appliance
  • Added auto baseline thresholding to Ceragon and Siklu radio units
  • Updates to the Combined HTTP agent
  • Added SMS Test to maintenance interface
  • Added GARP to hot standby primary polling IP address
  • Added backup/restore progress monitoring
  • Added Cold standby support
  • Added New Alert to API Contact method with JSON templates
  • New Combind HTTP service test
  • Added MAC address search to IPAM
  • Added MAC Vendor lookup to IPAM
  • Fixed freezing when using iPad (touch interfaces) for display
  • Added list of backup snapshots to Maintenance Interface
  • Improvements to Node Discovery
  • Added session timeout to V3 configuration
  • F5 agent added
  • Added Nimble Storage adapter
  • Added Cisco memory adapter that uses the per-processor memory data.
  • Added the support of Humidity probes for the Mutiny Environmental Monitor
  • Added IP Service test for https server with http basic auth support.
  • Turned off password auto-completion for TLS username/password as the browser was wrongly filling in the account password.
  • Added "Debug SNMP V3" button that runs a detailed test of the internal v3 support.
  • SNMPv3 test process improvements
  • Additional API calls added
  • Added agents for APC rPDU2
  • Added Debug button for SNMPv3 test panel
  • New Lock Icon position feature to view configuration
  • Fix bug that stopped large graphs being opened 
  • Increased maximum size of API Key
  • New AppEngine agent
  • Tracked views now support shifts
  • Fortinet agent moved into main polling engine
  • Energy used graphing added to APC PDU
  • SNMPv3 improvements to main polling engine
  • Fixed bug in IPAM DNSManager lookup
  • Fixed Wallboard being too wide for the page and requiring scrolling.
  • Added [Update Node] button to Interfaces panel
  • Modified adapters configuration panel to allow the ISDN adapter to be turned off.
  • Modified table view to allow sorting by individual status items.
  • New "Gigabytes left" monitoring option for discs..
  • Changed traffic graphs to default to bits/per/sec
  • New adapters for point-to-point radio equipment.
  • Added decode to select Palo Alto traps
  • Changed layout of interface panel
  • Added automatic usage ignoring for interfaces with no or incorrect speed set.
  • Modified traceroute discovery to cater for parent nodes with standby interface with same IP.
  • Added new Outline Icon set (More info)
  • Improvments to the domain tree handling
  • Fix to recognise Windows Server 2019 systems
  • Improvements to the information displayed from Warning and Critical traps
  • Added VPN-SSL Tunnel-Stats. data to "fortiNetVDOMAppAgent"
  • Improved performance of node select panels (e.g. Add to View, Bulk Update, Copy Node etc.)
  • Advanced Search can now send result to view
  • More functions added to API (More info)
  • Changes to Published views to include custom CSS URL.
  • Vastly reduced logging for alertManager and eventLogger.
  • Added Vegastream devices.
  • Eventlogger speed improvement.
  • Minor bug fixes and backend improvments.
  • Adds support for the Siklu network radio device to the main polling engine.
  • Adds support for the Infinet network radio device to the main polling engine.
  • Changed some Cisco polling defaults and also set Ceragon devices to v1-only
  • Added fix for Hot Standby secondary node. 
  • Speed boost to Appengine.
  • Added ability to read ICMP polling and status data to the Node API.
  • Enhancements to the mutiny API
  • Added serial number to system details returned by the Node API.
  • Added new network Optimiser Icon
  • Added Overall Node UP-time graph to "nodePingUpTimeAppAgent"

6.2.x and before

  • Added window manager code to IP Services panel
  • This allows graphs to be opened when in the mobile published view interface
  • Modifications to allow mobile published views to be embedded in iframes without producing security errors.
  • Gorealtime graphing features added to Intfaces, CPU and memory (for certain systems only)
  • Improved Event-Acknowledgment Methods
  • New Cards view option in views
  • Updated maintenance interface
  • Updated Wallboard code
  • Right-Click menu options
  • New Modem/SMS Devices system panel
  • Added new admin pages to support Multitech SMS gateway
  • New Admin pages to use your enterprise HTTPS Certificates
  • Modifications to the Dell iDRAC7 & iDRAC8 Agents
  • Backup snapshot filename now includes major version number
  • New versions of Agents for Geist, NT-ENVIROMUX, Papouch, SeverCheck & HWg-STE environmental monitors.
  • Network-Latency Agent now includes an estimation of the ITU "Mean-Opinion Score" (MOS) for VoIP traffic to the remote location and graphing of both MOS and Network Jitter.
  • Agent for checking public-Website Certificates
  • Added support for Phoenixtec Power Co. UPS. 
  • SpeedTest Agent to monitor Internet bandwidth.
  • Updates to the Cisco Nexus Agent.
  • Updates to the Extreme-Switch Agent.
  • Added the Mutiny version number to the backup/snapshot  file names.
  • Google Maps swapped for OpenStreetMap.
  • Added an Agent to monitor Cisco-Meraki Interface-traffic monitoring.
  • Added an Agent for jetNEXUS load balancers.
  • Added a Cisco UCS-Fault Agent.
  • SLA reporter graphing improvements
  • SLA reporter graph averaging added
  • Added custom time period to graphing
  • Advanced Search
  • SNMPv3 configuration options
  • Password Strength enforcement for user accounts
  • Show/No show acknowledged switch for wallboard
  • Tracked-Events Alerting (see manual section 9.1)
  • Comments panel for status and tooltips
  • New "Auto Views" for Critical, warning, ignored etc.
  • New fixed range Temperature dials -10 to +50
  • Shareable Dashboards
  • Published Dashboards
  • URL Widget for dashboards
  • Maintenance Mode (see manual section 8.9)
  • Tooltips added to wallboard
  • Added wildcard address search to IPAM
  • New IPAM module see here
  • HTTPS option allows you to use mutiny over ssl with a self signed certificate
  • TLS mode for email alert sending
  • Track views alerting
  • Published views are now embeddable
  • Improved SLA reporter interface
  • Waiting spinners added to all background testing
  • Graphing added to packet loss agent
  • Packet loss graphing added to network latency agent
  • Acknowledged events are not listed on the wallboard
  • Waiting spinners added to all test panels
  • New integrated Reporter Module under modules
  • New edit report tab-base layout
  • Reporter module historical PDF archive
  • New get latest update button in maintenance
  • Support for Multitech SMS gateway
  • Increased the number of alert contacts to 100
  • New adapters for interface polling
  • Added logging to ServiceNow instance
  • Default memory adapter changed for Windows Server to Physical
  • Further improvements to secondary HS log management
  • Auto closing of ping ignored events
  • Improvements to hot standby synchronisation
  • Updates to database scheme to synchronise Fedora and CentOS distributions
  • Updates to indexing to speed up events searching
  • Cisco ASA IP VPN monitoring adapter
  • Polling engine enhancements
  • Updated Hot-Standby module
  • Processes added to critical processes list
  • Change to auto update nodes
  • Improved identification of Cisco nexus and UCS switches
  • Added small threshold DHCP agent
  • Additions to APC trap-decode section 
  • Added current condition and traffic status to interface data returned by API
  • Added graphDataID to JSON data for an interface
  • Improvments to Cisco Nexus Agent
  • Additions to APC trap-decode section
  • Procurve system agent
  • Cisco WLC system agent
  • Checkpoint system data agent
  • Fortinet/Fortigate Firewall system agent
  • Palo Alto system agent (api version)
  • Added additional Traceroute test agents for ICMP/UDP
  • Procurve port authentication failure trap alerts
  • Updates to the Palo Alto Agent
  • Added SNMPv3 Context Name
  • Added TP-Link 8G Switch
  • Added Cisco 5506-x
  • Updates to Cisco UCS/Nexus recognitionAdded “Mean-Opinion Score” (MOS) calculation to the “Network-Latency Monitoring Agent” and graphing of Network-Jitter & MOS as well as Latency.
  • Added APC PDU Environmental-Monitor Agent
  • Added "snmpTrapLatchAppAgent"
  • NTI temperature monitoring agent
  • Intel NUC CPU core temperature monitoring agent
  • HP Printer page counters
  • Connected nodes agent for switches
  • DNS tracking agent for DHCP nodes
  • New SOAP request IP Service test
  • Cisco Nexus Environmental Monitor
  • APC NetBotz Agent
  • New version of Excel PDU agent
  • Mitel IP Telephony Appliance
  • v2c/v3 version of custom oid poller
  • Beta version of Cisco Nexus switch agent
  • Updated Extreme switch agent
  • Missing Disk Critical agent
  • Airedale Air-conditioning  temperature and humidity
  • vmware ESXi6 agent
  • SNMP v3 Agent added (CentOS)
  • Connected Nodes Agent
  • CentOS Memory Agent
  • Juniper(Netscreen) VPN monitoring adapter
  • Remote Server Time sync check agent
  • Processes from file special adapter
  • iGeist Environmental probe
  • Mail server blacklist checker
  • Dell iDRAC7/8 adapter
  • EPI AIMS Environmental monitor
  • Extreme Switch Agent
  • Juniper routing engine
  • Node uptime summary
  • Network Latency Monitoring agent
  • ServerCheck temperature agent
  • Pure storage adapter
  • Interface Packet-discard Monitoring agent
  • Updated HTTPS ip service test (CentOS Only)
  • Ignore zero-memory data from ciscoNexusSwitchAppAgent
  • Fixed bug preventing mobile panels from showing graphs
  • Fixed bug that stopped IPAM from polling
  • Fixed buig in default community strings panel
  • Fixed wallboard refresh bug
  • Fixed bug to new contacts set to receive all alerts.
  • Reduced logging in Tomcat
  • Restricted Graph title to a single line to fix axis shift bug
  • Fixed bug in Traceroute add that stopped after 9 hops.
  • Fixed file upload vulnerability in maintenance interface
  • Modified IPAM SNMP scan to use single community string
  • Fixed bug in NetBotz Agent
  • Fixed bug in EventLogger that was effecting performance when maintenance mode was active
  • Fixed daily SMS alert test for CentOS systems
  • Fix bugs to IP service graphing
  • Fixed bug where non-admin users could not edit their own profiles.
  • Fixed bug that stopped all the nodes listing in dashboard widget selector
  • Removed Icon view option from auto generated views
  • Fix to cope with vendors sending multi-line traps(vmware)
  • fixed stripping of html from wallboard for custom remote agents
  • Changes to Printers Standard agent to remove some false positives
  • Fixed bug in automatic node-update-process for fedora systems
  • Fixed bug in CentOS time setting
  • Fixed bug that stopped licence working for further 7 days after migration
  • Fixed bug in Hot-Standby that brought the secondary up as primary
  • Bug fix to scan ports test on CentOS systems
  • Various small bug fixes
  • Fixed bug in maintenance network settings

... and everything that came before

1.10 Fix for older Cisco switches with incorrect 64bit counters
1.10 Dell physical memory check
1.10 Changes to event logger
1.09 New Graphing structure from [Graphing] button on the Node-Status panel. It now works in a similar way to the Quick-Reports Module, but for a single node. In both, large-size graphs can be produced by clicking on any smaller version.
1.09 Additional “Flat” icon-set, created in style reminiscent of recent smartphone OS releases.
1.09 Revised Interface-Status polling to reduce SNMP requests. Addresses the problem where some older Cisco switches were reporting errors if a large number of interfaces were being polled.
1.09 New Interface-Traffic Adapter to better cope with switches and routers with a mix of 32- and 64-bit counters.
1.09 New IP Service/Agent for monitoring a custom SNMP OID. Additionally, graphs are produced if the OID type is Integer, Gauge, or Counter.
1.09 New Agent for Papouch Temperature sensor.
1.09 Updated the Excel PDU Agent to work with new firmware.
1.09 Revised SNMP Host-MIB Adapters for Storage (Memory/Disks) to work round the problem where some Windows systems respond very slowly leading to the loss of other Host data, such as Processes.
1.09 Removed a number of potential deadlocks.
1.09 Patch to fix potential “ShellShock” bash vulnerability (this was previously released as a stand-alone patch. It is not to address an additional vulnerability).
1.09 Improved overall database-access speed. 
1.09 Fix for Multiple emails sent for OK events.
1.08 New Search field on Icon, Grid and Table views as well as the Node Manager view.
1.08 Ability to choose between Icon and Grid views in the published views. (other view types to follow)
1.08 Breadcrumb in published views that shows the path to the view you have navigated to.
1.08 Integration of browser back/forward buttons in published views.
1.08 Improved support for iPads and Android tablets.
1.08 Added support for IE10/11 running on touch screens.
1.08 Use current location added to locations edit screen.
1.08 Changed node icons to open on a single click instead of a double click.
1.08 Opening panels is now consistent throughout the interface and it aligns touch screen and non-touch screen behavior.
1.08 Right-click context menu for the icon, grid and table views.
1.08 Improved time stability for installations running under HyperV.
1.08 Added support for larger disk volumes (> 2TB).
1.08 Fixed problems caused by some characters within interface descriptions.
1.08 Negative temperatures are now displayed properly
1.08 Added support for new Windows-PowerShell Agents
1.08 New Agent to summarize IP Services being monitored on a Node
1.08 New Agent to Monitor VPN traffic on Cisco ASA Firewalls
1.08 New Agent to monitor remote system-time drift.
1.07 Fixed Bug in Alert Manager for Daily SMS Alert test
1.06 Several changes to the methods used for generating published Views, new Embeddable Published Views
1.06 Smart views are now being laid out correctly in the Embeddable Published Views
1.06 Added support for the new grid layout in the Published Views
1.06 Installed new version of fping to increase ICMP-polling efficiency
1.06 Fixed bugs in CheckPoint High-availability Agent
1.06 Modified default Email-Alerts template to include monitored-item name
1.06 Modifications to published views for sharepoin
1.06 Changes to Windows 2012 recognition during discovery processes
1.05 Modifications to published views for sharepoint
1.05 Bug fix for Catch-all Contact
1.03 Missing Excel PDU Agen
1.02 Quick Reports Modul
1.02 "Grid" and "Map" Monitoring view option
1.02 Adaptors and Agent
1.02 Export CSV for Events and Alerts table
1.01 Quick Reports module
1.01 "Grid" and "Map" Monitoring view options
1.01 Adaptors and Agents
1.01 Export CSV for Events and Alerts tables

Version 5.1 major changes

Quick-Reports Module. 
Users can firstly set a date/time range and then choose a number of systems and monitored properties from a new easy to use GUI. This allows the user to draw multiple graphs over the chosen date/time range.
The module uses the RRD files for rapid access to the (time-averaged) data, thus allowing the build up of quick, interactive reports.

Under the "Monitoring" tab, the description [Node Map] in the View-selector has been renamed to [Icons] and a new [Map] option has been created. This displays the Google map of the pre-defined node locations and the rolled-up Status.

Node Manager
In the Node Manager, the [Update Nodes] bulk updates now lists nodes that were expected to respond to SNMP but didn't.

[Add New Nodes] and [Discover Nodes] list nodes that have been added when successful.

Adding nodes, deleting nodes and using “Show Switches” cause the Node Manager to refresh when the function has completed.

New Adapters and Agents:
CheckPoint Firewall high availability.
Dell iDRAC 7 Remote Access Controller.
Dell Physical Memory Array Status.
Dolby Digital Cinema Sound Processor CP750.
EPI Environmental Monitors.
Excel PDU.
Blue Coat (ex. Packeteer) PacketShaper.
Windows DHCP Ranges.
Export CSV” functions have been added to the Events and Alerts tables.
A new method for DNS resolution has been developed.

Bugs were fixed on the following:
UCD-SNMP/Net-SNMP Memory Adapter.
Login issues experienced by some Mutiny-Reporter users.

5.0 releases

1.13 Additional Mibs.
1.13 Improvements to Java DNS resolution.
1.13 Updated SLA reporter export.
1.13 Added monitoring for Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC7).
1.13 Added some hardware-monitoring support for Blue Coat (Packeteer) Traffic shapers.
1.13 New Agent to check the status of Dell Physical Memory Arrays.
1.13 New Agent to monitor fader level on Dolby CP750.

1.12 Upgraded Database schema and added new housekeeping functions.
1.12 Improved Event/Alert performance and fixed bugs.
1.12 Added system monitoring for Blue Coat (ex Packeteer) Packet Shapers.
1.12 Added monitoring of Dolby CP750 Fader level.Some minor bug fixes to the Front End and icon bank.

1.11 Various improvements to front-end performance (especially with IE8)..
1.11 Improved Dashboard performance, including map and table widgets.
1.11 Improved performance of Event history tables.
1.11 Improvements to the operation of the node and location maps.
1.11 Bug fixes to the Event-management system.
1.11 Added Kaspersky, Netscaler and Schneider-Electric MIBs to assist decode of SNMP traps.
1.11 Added SNMP trap support for Red Box voice recorders.

1.08 - Fixed bug in Event Management that caused multiple Alerts to be sent in some circumstances.
1.08 - Modified UPS Adapters to cope with simplistic SNMP from some basic UPS devices.
1.08 - Combined latitude/longitude edit box for Locations.
1.08 - Further improvements to table sort-ordering.
1.08 - Removed the line wrap from Wallboard Views when certain types of Agent Events were open.
1.08 - Improved browser resource management to address issues for some browsers.
1.08 - Added automatic one-month Dashboard trial for new upgrades from version 4.5.
1.08 - Slightly improved installation/upgrade process.

1.07 - Fixed bug in the Test Panel when Add Node was selected
1.07 - Modifications to Cisco trap manager to no longer alert on comand line changes after backup or listing config
1.07 - Open Events page/dashboard widget defaults to only showing Warning/Critical events and sorting by current Status.
1.07 - Open Events dashboard widget shows 20 events instead of 10.
1.07 - Set the secondary sort order of events to be the event ID so that, for example, more recent Critical events are shown before older Critical events when sorting by status.
1.07 - Added a default sorting direction for those columns that require it.Please see the online User Manual for full details https://www.mutiny.com/mutiny-support/Manual/.