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Release Summary

Latest Release - Mutiny Version 6.0.1-45xx


  • Maintenance Mode (see manual section 8.9)
  • Tooltips added to wallboard
  • Added wildcard address search to IPAM
  • New IPAM module see here
  • HTTPS option allows you to use mutiny over ssl with a self signed certificate
  • TLS mode for email alert sending
  • Track views alerting
  • Published views are now embeddable
  • Improved SLA reporter interface
  • Waiting spinners added to all background testing
  • Graphing added to packet loss agent
  • Packet loss graphing added to network latency agent
  • Acknowledged events are not listed on the wallboard
  • Waiting spinners added to all test panels
  • New integrated Reporter Module under modules
  • New edit report tab-base layout
  • Reporter module historical PDF archive
  • New get latest update button in maintenance


  • Default memory adapter changed for Windows Server to Physical
  • Further improvements to secondary HS log management
  • Auto closing of ping ignored events
  • Improvements to hot standby synchronisation
  • Updates to database scheme to synchronise Fedora and CentOS distributions
  • Updates to indexing to speed up events searching
  • new Cisco ASA IP VPN monitoring adapter
  • Polling engine enhancements
  • Updated Hot-Standby module
  • Processes added to critical processes list
  • Change to auto update nodes
  • Improved identification of Cisco nexus and UCS switches

New Adapters and Agents

  • Cisco Nexus Environmental Monitor
  • APC NetBotz Agent
  • New version of Excel PDU agent
  • Mitel IP Telephony Appliance
  • V2c version of custom oid poller
  • Beta version of Cisco Nexus switch agent
  • Updated Extreme switch agent
  • Missing Disk Critical agent
  • Airedale Air-conditioning  temperature and humidity
  • vmware ESXi6 agent
  • SNMP v3 Agent added (CentOS)
  • Connected Nodes Agent
  • CentOS Memory Agent
  • Juniper(Netscreen) VPN monitoring adapter
  • Remote Server Time sync check agent
  • Processes from file special adapter
  • iGeist Environmental probe
  • Mail server blacklist checker
  • Dell iDRAC7/8 adapter
  • EPI AIMS Environmental monitor
  • Extreme Switch Agent
  • Juniper routing engine
  • Node uptime summary
  • Network Latency Monitoring agent
  • Server tech temperature agent
  • Pure storage adapter
  • Interface Packet-discard Monitoring agent
  • Updated HTTPS ip service test (CentOS Only)
Patches/Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug in EventLogger that was effecting performance when maintenance mode was active
  • Fixed daily SMS alert test for CentOS systems
  • Fix bugs to IP service graphing
  • Fixed bug where non-admin users could not edit their own profiles.
  • Fixed bug that stopped all the nodes listing in dashboard widget selector
  • Removed Icon view option from auto generated views
  • Fix to cope with vendors sending multi-line traps(vmware)
  • fixed stripping of html from wallboard for custom remote agents
  • Changes to Printers Standard agent to remove some false positives
  • Fixed bug in automatic node-update-process for fedora systems
  • Fixed bug in CentOS time setting
  • Fixed bug that stopped licence working for further 7 days after migration
  • Fixed bug in Hot-Standby that brought the secondary up as primary
  • Bug fix to scan ports test on CentOS systems
  • Various small bug fixes
  • Fixed bug in maintenance network settings

1.10 Fix for older Cisco switches with incorrect 64bit counters
1.10 Dell physical memory check
1.10 Changes to event logger
1.09 New Graphing structure from [Graphing] button on the Node-Status panel. It now works in a similar way to the Quick-Reports Module, but for a single node. In both, large-size graphs can be produced by clicking on any smaller version.
1.09 Additional “Flat” icon-set, created in style reminiscent of recent smartphone OS releases.
1.09 Revised Interface-Status polling to reduce SNMP requests. Addresses the problem where some older Cisco switches were reporting errors if a large number of interfaces were being polled.
1.09 New Interface-Traffic Adapter to better cope with switches and routers with a mix of 32- and 64-bit counters.
1.09 New IP Service/Agent for monitoring a custom SNMP OID. Additionally, graphs are produced if the OID type is Integer, Gauge, or Counter.
1.09 New Agent for Papouch Temperature sensor.
1.09 Updated the Excel PDU Agent to work with new firmware.
1.09 Revised SNMP Host-MIB Adapters for Storage (Memory/Disks) to work round the problem where some Windows systems respond very slowly leading to the loss of other Host data, such as Processes.
1.09 Removed a number of potential deadlocks.
1.09 Patch to fix potential “ShellShock” bash vulnerability (this was previously released as a stand-alone patch. It is not to address an additional vulnerability).
1.09 Improved overall database-access speed. 
1.09 Fix for Multiple emails sent for OK events.
1.08 New Search field on Icon, Grid and Table views as well as the Node Manager view.
1.08 Ability to choose between Icon and Grid views in the published views. (other view types to follow)
1.08 Breadcrumb in published views that shows the path to the view you have navigated to.
1.08 Integration of browser back/forward buttons in published views.
1.08 Improved support for iPads and Android tablets.
1.08 Added support for IE10/11 running on touch screens.
1.08 Use current location added to locations edit screen.
1.08 Changed node icons to open on a single click instead of a double click.
1.08 Opening panels is now consistent throughout the interface and it aligns touch screen and non-touch screen behavior.
1.08 Right-click context menu for the icon, grid and table views.
1.08 Improved time stability for installations running under HyperV.
1.08 Added support for larger disk volumes (> 2TB).
1.08 Fixed problems caused by some characters within interface descriptions.
1.08 Negative temperatures are now displayed properly
1.08 Added support for new Windows-PowerShell Agents
1.08 New Agent to summarize IP Services being monitored on a Node
1.08 New Agent to Monitor VPN traffic on Cisco ASA Firewalls
1.08 New Agent to monitor remote system-time drift.
1.07 Fixed Bug in Alert Manager for Daily SMS Alert test
1.06 Several changes to the methods used for generating published Views, new Embeddable Published Views
1.06 Smart views are now being laid out correctly in the Embeddable Published Views
1.06 Added support for the new grid layout in the Published Views
1.06 Installed new version of fping to increase ICMP-polling efficiency
1.06 Fixed bugs in CheckPoint High-availability Agent
1.06 Modified default Email-Alerts template to include monitored-item name
1.06 Modifications to published views for sharepoin
1.06 Changes to Windows 2012 recognition during discovery processes
1.05 Modifications to published views for sharepoint
1.05 Bug fix for Catch-all Contact
1.03 Missing Excel PDU Agen
1.02 Quick Reports Modul
1.02 "Grid" and "Map" Monitoring view option
1.02 Adaptors and Agent
1.02 Export CSV for Events and Alerts table
1.01 Quick Reports module
1.01 "Grid" and "Map" Monitoring view options
1.01 Adaptors and Agents
1.01 Export CSV for Events and Alerts tables

Version 5.1 major changes

Quick-Reports Module. 
Users can firstly set a date/time range and then choose a number of systems and monitored properties from a new easy to use GUI. This allows the user to draw multiple graphs over the chosen date/time range.
The module uses the RRD files for rapid access to the (time-averaged) data, thus allowing the build up of quick, interactive reports.

Under the "Monitoring" tab, the description “Node Map” in the View-selector has been renamed to “Icons” and a new “Map” option has been created. This displays the Google map of the pre-defined node locations and the rolled-up Status.

Node Manager
In the Node Manager, the “Update Nodes” bulk updates now lists nodes that were expected to respond to SNMP but didn’t.

“Add New Nodes” and “Discover Nodes” list nodes that have been added when successful.

Adding nodes, deleting nodes and using “Show Switches” cause the Node Manager to refresh when the function has completed.

New Adapters and Agents:
• CheckPoint Firewall high availability.
• Dell iDRAC 7 Remote Access Controller.
• Dell Physical Memory Array Status.
• Dolby Digital Cinema Sound Processor CP750.
• EPI Environmental Monitors.
• Excel PDU.
• Blue Coat (ex. Packeteer) PacketShaper.
• Windows DHCP Ranges.

“Export CSV” functions have been added to the Events and Alerts tables.

A new method for DNS resolution has been developed.

Bugs were fixed on the following:
• UCD-SNMP/Net-SNMP Memory Adapter.
• Login issues experienced by some Mutiny-Reporter users.

5.0 releases

1.13 Additional Mibs.
1.13 Improvements to Java DNS resolution.
1.13 Updated SLA reporter export.
1.13 Added monitoring for Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC7).
1.13 Added some hardware-monitoring support for Blue Coat (Packeteer) Traffic shapers.
1.13 New Agent to check the status of Dell Physical Memory Arrays.
1.13 New Agent to monitor fader level on Dolby CP750.

1.12 Upgraded Database schema and added new housekeeping functions.
1.12 Improved Event/Alert performance and fixed bugs.
1.12 Added system monitoring for Blue Coat (ex Packeteer) Packet Shapers.
1.12 Added monitoring of Dolby CP750 Fader level.Some minor bug fixes to the Front End and icon bank.

1.11 Various improvements to front-end performance (especially with IE8)..
1.11 Improved Dashboard performance, including map and table widgets.
1.11 Improved performance of Event history tables.
1.11 Improvements to the operation of the node and location maps.
1.11 Bug fixes to the Event-management system.
1.11 Added Kaspersky, Netscaler and Schneider-Electric MIBs to assist decode of SNMP traps.
1.11 Added SNMP trap support for Red Box voice recorders.

1.08 - Fixed bug in Event Management that caused multiple Alerts to be sent in some circumstances.
1.08 - Modified UPS Adapters to cope with simplistic SNMP from some basic UPS devices.
1.08 - Combined latitude/longitude edit box for Locations.
1.08 - Further improvements to table sort-ordering.
1.08 - Removed the line wrap from Wallboard Views when certain types of Agent Events were open.
1.08 - Improved browser resource management to address issues for some browsers.
1.08 - Added automatic one-month Dashboard trial for new upgrades from version 4.5.
1.08 - Slightly improved installation/upgrade process.

1.07 - Fixed bug in the Test Panel when Add Node was selected
1.07 - Modifications to Cisco trap manager to no longer alert on comand line changes after backup or listing config
1.07 - Open Events page/dashboard widget defaults to only showing Warning/Critical events and sorting by current Status.
1.07 - Open Events dashboard widget shows 20 events instead of 10.
1.07 - Set the secondary sort order of events to be the event ID so that, for example, more recent Critical events are shown before older Critical events when sorting by status.
1.07 - Added a default sorting direction for those columns that require it.Please see the online User Manual for full details https://www.mutiny.com/mutiny-support/Manual/.

Version 5.0-1.00 New user interface

Completely re-designed frontend.
New graphics, node icons, status indicators and colour schemes.
Simplified navigation between Views.
Improved "Top-Bar" navigation.
Node-Location maps.
Document repository.
Redesigned Event and Alert tables, making full use of database capability
New graphing methods providing "zoom-in" functions and dial-type gauges.

Logins and Usernames

Mutiny V5 uses a different method of login to previous versions. Users are identified by a minimum of 4 pieces of information:

- User Name
- Email addresses
- Password
- Role

The "User Name" is simply that, for example "John Smith", "Fred Bloggs", "Dr George Neisser" etc. It is used purely within Mutiny to make the logs more readable.

The "Email Address" is used to login to the Mutiny system when prompted to fill in the "Login" box. This has been change from Mutiny version 4 to comply with ITIL specifications.

The "Password" associated with a login is set from the [Admin]>[Users] pages within Mutiny by any "Super-Admin" level user (see below). It must be at least 8 characters long.

The "Role" of each user can be one following:

- "Super Admin" mode allows full access to the Mutiny monitoring and system configuration.
- "Administrator" mode allows full access to the Mutiny monitoring configuration.
- "Engineer" mode is a view only user who has the ability to edit node properties.
- "View" mode allows the user to view the Mutiny system, but not make any changes.

When upgrading to Mutiny V5 from Version 4, all usernames are deleted and replaced by a single "Super Admin" login, superadmin@mutiny.com with the password "password".

Dashboard Module (optional extra at additional cost)

- Customizable dashboards can be created on a per-user basis.
- Dashboards are created by combining small widgets for displaying dials, graphing, tables, maps etc.

Event and Alert Management

- Improved database structure providing a more complete view of Events and Alerting.
- Re-designed Event and Alert management with greater granularity of Event types.
- Table-base access to Alerts and Events allows you to drill into the complete Event history with
links to any Alerts that have been generated as a result.
- Complete Alert history allowing greater access each Alert and whether it was successful on not.

Document Repository

- Documents can be stored within Mutiny for easy reference.


Please visit the updates page

Reporter Release Notes

5.0-1.13 New report property to control graph baseline, zero or floating.

5.0-1.12 Improvements to property list loading
5.0-1.12 Improvements to speed up report generation

5.0-1.10 Fixed bug in login to allow old and new format username

5.0-1.09 new V5 colour scheme
5.0-1.09 Minor UI tweaks
5.0-1.09 Fixed graphs averaging time with no data

4.5-1.14 New console for setting IP address and shutting down appliance from KVM

4.5-1.10 Improved graphs containing lots of zero datapoints
4.5-1.10 Allow graphing of Temperature and power from environmental probes
4.5-1.10 New console interface for administration

4.5-1.02 Fixed bug in data export that displayed incorrect graphs

4.4-1.09 Added support for more data types in line with Mutiny 4.4-1.09

4.4-1.00 Added various CGIs for retrieval of report data by XML

4.3-1.01 Added use of icons live from mutiny system
4.3-1.01 Updated buttons to match new Mutiny look and feel
4.3-1.01 Added checks to prevent database overflowing available disk space
4.3-1.01 Removed spurious config files no longer used by system
4.3-1.01 Fixed "Duplicate keys in merge data" bug

3.6.5-1.11 Added new server icons.
3.6.5-1.11 Fixed reporterConvert bundle install to cope with snmptrapd not shutting down

3.6.5-1.09 Added support for temperature and humidity
3.6.5-1.09 Added new server icons.

3.6.5-1.07 Added support for new format views.xml file.
3.6.5-1.07 Nested groups now import correctly.

3.6.4-1.06 Fixed "Not deleting subreport references" bug

3.6.4-1.05 Fixed "Graphs sometimes go backwards" bug
3.6.4-1.05 Fixed "Nodes' Data Management panel broken" bug
3.6.4-1.05 Fixed "Sort order in 'Manage nodes' dropdown" bug

3.6.4-1.04 Removed debug code from calendar control

3.6.4-1.03 Added "Set report start date offset from now" button
3.6.4-1.03 Fixed "Invalid date breaks calendar control" bug
3.6.4-1.03 Fixed "Pointless scrollbars on login page" bug
3.6.4-1.03 Fixed "Minimum displays as 0 when no data in period" bug
3.6.4-1.03 Added link to credits.cgi, gives all file verions and dates.

3.6.4-1.02 Fixed "No graph when no unique data in period" bug
3.6.4-1.02 Fixed "Bad averages when no unique data in period" bug
3.6.4-1.02 Fixed "Data starts during period" bug
3.6.4-1.02 Fixed "Sort table by disk space" bug

3.6.4-1.01 Fixed Bug in report by data type
3.6.4-1.01 Fixed javascript error in calendar controls
3.6.4-1.01 Fixed "Properties tables not displayed" bug

3.6.3-1.13 Averages now calculated using value over time, not arithmetic mean of data
3.6.3-1.13 Fixed bug in calendar control
3.6.3-1.13 Graphs now drawn at report generation
3.6.3-1.13 Fixed bug in CSV generation when no sub reports exist
3.6.3-1.13 Added database compression and optimize options on utilities menu

3.6.2-1.12 Really added images for recently introduced functions
3.6.2-1.12 Data graphs now generate in the background once a report has been generated.
3.6.2-1.12 HTML report noe updates to add missing graphs as they are drawn.
3.6.2-1.12 Added calendar control to ease date entry on forms.
3.6.2-1.12 Changed name of PDF file attached to emails to be "report name_start time.pdf"
3.6.2-1.12 Added missing help pages.

3.6.2-1.11 Added "Don't import property's data" function
3.6.2-1.11 Added images for recently introduced functions
3.6.2-1.11 Fixed cosmetic bugs in "add email adddress" control
3.6.2-1.11 Added "Limit Data to SLA times" function
3.6.2-1.11 Fixed bug in internal processing of event updown tables

3.6.2-1.10 New functions on utilities page.
3.6.2-1.10 Added optional "sub reports' events summary" table to top level reports.

3.6.2-1.09 Added versions/credits page.
3.6.2-1.09 Added help pages.
3.6.2-1.09 New functions on utilities page.
3.6.2-1.09 Added support for "Disk Used" properties.
3.6.2-1.09 Added auto expire for cached graph images.
3.6.2-1.09 Added settings for backup user.
3.6.2-1.09 Added CSV export functions for table and graph data

3.6.2-1.06 Fixed permission issue on cron link that was stopping mutiny from exporting nightly data.
3.6.2-1.06 Added select field to re-use email addresses from other reports.
3.6.2-1.06 Fixed date cached field in report creation.
3.6.2-1.06 New functions on the utilities page.
3.6.2-1.06 Fixed a caching problem which caused stored settings to display incorrectly.
3.6.2-1.06 Fixed inconsistencies between HTML and PDF output.

3.6.2-1.02 Fixes an issue some users were reporting that data had stopped importing.
3.6.2-1.02 Addresses caching issues in the reports creation pages.

3.6.2-1.01 This release works much faster than the old version. The single large data table is now gone, replaced by a separate table for each node. This gets round the "data table too big for its own index" problem. There are also a number of changes to the interface to make report creation a little faster, and to create reports with only one kind of table.
3.6.2-1.01 Adds the ability to control what data is imported when adding a node to a report.

3.6.1-1.0.0P10 Reporter file upload bug
3.6.1-1.0.0P9 "Data table too small" bug
3.6.1-1.0.0P8 display 100% availability bug
3.6.1-1.0.0P7 Date overflow bug
3.6.1-1.0.0P6 "ghost reports" bug
3.6.1-1.0.0P5 SLA time input bug
3.6.1-1.0.0P5 DST bug
3.6.1-1.0.0P5 Scheduled data import bug
3.6.1-1.0.0P5 Scheduled reports bug
3.6.1-1.0.0P5 Date overflow bug
3.6.1-1.0.0P5 Patch09 "Data table too small" bug