Netflow Setup

Before Mutiny can display flow data in your NetFlow tab you will need to have some additional configuration in your router.

For a basic setup you need to add the following to your Cisco (NetFlow supported) device;

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ip flow-export version 5

ip flow-export destination your.mutiny.add 2055

ip flow-top-talkers

 top 10

 sort-by bytes

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Then for each interface you want flows from, add the line

ip route-cache flow




interface Vlan3

 description Demo_DMZ$FW_DMZ$

 ip address

 ip access-group 103 in

 no ip redirects

 no ip unreachables

 no ip proxy-arp

 ip nat inside

 ip inspect sdm_ins_in_100 in

 ip inspect dmzinspect out

 ip virtual-reassembly

 ip route-cache flow



**Note, if the commands are not recognised then you version of ios does not support NetFlow

Also see the documents;

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NetFlow Config Guide 

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