User Manual


Thank you for purchasing, what we are sure you will find is a valuable tool for your business. We pride ourselves in producing a product that is both intuitive and straightforward to use. Our developers are steered by the features most requested by our user base this ensures that we are producing a product that fits the requirements of those who use it not those who sell it. Our staff are passionate about the product and really strive to give 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore if you are unhappy with any aspect of your purchase or service received then we would like to hear from you.


Using this Guide

This guide is written to help users gain fast productivity, technical people, myself included, don't like reading manuals as it just slows things down. I have therefore written this guide in a step by step way to carry out all that is needed to discover and start monitoring your infrastructure. The steps in the guide roughly follow those carried out myself when installing a Mutiny System. The initial stages are written in a line by line way; just follow each task until the section is complete. Once the Appliance is running the instructions will become chained, e.g.
Click "node => [Configuration] => [Adaptors]" or Select  =>=>
The first part is the action, what follows is a sequence of clicks of buttons or links. Any text that you need to type in is given in quotes. Note that most values are case sensitive.
If you find any errors in the document of you have a better way of doing a section, please feel free to email your comments to support@mutiny.com.

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Lawrence Freeman
Operations Director