Section - 5  System Configuration

This section will take you step by step to the completion of a basic setup of your appliance.
The following section will explain in more detail how Mutiny functions including alerting and graphing.

5.1. Admin Settings

5.1.1. Start Web Browser (Chrome, IE, Safari or Firefox supporting web standards)
5.1.2. Browse to the IP address you entered for eth1. http://your.mutiny.add
5.1.3. Login to the appliance using "superadmin@mutiny.com" and "password".
5.1.4. Mouse over the (admin) button  

5.2 System

System is the first screen of the admin interface. Fill in the following fields;

System Name                                         The node name and domain name you wish your mutiny to use.
Email Relay IP Address                        The IP Address of a SMTP server that will relay your email alerts.
Email From: Address                            The email address mutiny will use when it sends alert messages.
TLS Username                                         The mailbox user login account
TLS Password                                          The mailbox user passord

5.3 WebServer

Controls the security settings of the appliance web server. We recommend you enable HTTPS with at least a self signed certificate. see: https://mutiny.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/13000058555-web-server-settings

5.4 System Operations

Reset to Factory Defaults   Removes all configuration, creates a new database and restarts the appliance.
Restart Web Server              Restarts the primary webserver (you will lose connection and have to log back in)
Restart Polling Engines       Restarts the back-end data collection engine
Restart Message Queue      Restarts the Alert messaging system
Maintenance Interface       Opens a new window to the maintenance web server

Maintenance help page: https://mutiny.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/13000084874

5.5 Backup Restore

Set a regular backup schedule

5.6 Users

Add some users see: https://mutiny.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/13000092507

5.7  Contact

5.7.1. Click the Contact Administration menu button
5.7.2. Type your Name in the new contact field and press
This displays a new contact record to allow you to receive alerts generated by Mutiny.

5.7.3. Fill in the following fields;
Name                       your full name
Email Address       your email address
Page number         your mobile number

Tick the following options "Enable Contact", "Email Enabled", "Page Enabled" and all 3 shift patterns.

5.5.4. Press  email to send a test email message through your SMTP server
A panel will pop up to indicate success or failure with errors indicated in red.

The easy way to receive alerts is to use the Track Views method, see: 

5.8. Licencing

To start using Mutiny, you will need a temporary licence. This can be obtained by completing the licence request form at https://www.mutiny.com/mutiny-support/licence-request/ if you require information on mutiny licences please see; https://mutiny.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/13000088237-mutiny-licencing-explained
Once you have obtained your temporary licence paste all the text into the Licence panel at the bottom of the configuration settings panel.
Press  to apply the licence.

You have now completed enough steps to start adding nodes (devices) to your Mutiny system.