Section 3 - Physical Appliance Set Up

This section only applies to Mutiny systems running on dedicated hardware.

3.1. Unpacking

The packaging contains a UK power cord and cross-over cable for setting up. The packaging is complete with a rackmount rails but does not contain rack mounting screws (cage nuts).

3.2. Racking up

The Appliance is rack-mountable and will occupy 1U. Please remove the protective polythene cover from the lid of the appliance before racking up.
No space is required above or below the appliance as the cooling is designed to be from front to back.

3.3. Power

The Mutiny appliance contains a hard drive to store its applications and the data gathered from your infrastructure, it is therefore important that the power to the appliance is UPS protected as would any other important server in your organisation. Once powered on the Mutiny appliance must be shutdown from either the console or from within the web based administration pages. Failure to shutdown the system correctly may result in loss of data and/or the return of your appliance for repair.

3.4. Build your appliance

Mutiny appliances supplied by us will already have the Mutiny appliance image installed. If you are supplying your own hardware or replacing a failed HDD, then you will need to build your appliance using one of our ISO build disk images available on our downloads page. https://www.mutiny.com/downloads/

3.5. Network

This is because the appliance has default addresses on its interfaces that may clash with addresses already in use on your network.

<--->LAN 1 (Left port from rear) LEFT UNCONNECTED

Mutiny admin port, known in the system as ETH0. with the initial address mutiny factory address and can be changed in the mutiny console or web interface mutiny maintenance address (factory set and not user changeable)

<--->LAN 2 (Right port from rear) CONNECTS TO YOUR NETWORK

Mutiny monitoring port, known in the system as ETH1. This is the interface you connect to your network for monitoring with the initial address mutiny factory address and needs be changed in the mutiny console or web interface to the address you will use for mutiny on your network.

3.5 Assign the mutiny monitoring address.

After powering-up your appliance the console displays the current network settings.

screenshot of the mutiny console

Continue at section 4 of the user manual. Manual-4