Section 11 - Changing Monitored Properties 

Most properties in Mutiny are added from an internal template during discovery. However, it may be desirable to use your own. The following section provides examples of how to change or add new properties.

11.1 Adding a new monitored process

During discovery a SNMP monitored node will have a template added with a list of target processes. If any of these are seen running they are added to the list of processes.

To add your own process you can do the following;

a. Double click on the node in question
b. Click the Processes Link

A panel will open listing the currently monitored list of processes

c. Press the (Test) button 

Move this panel to one side to allow you to see both the list of processes and the list of running processes.

d. from the list of running processes highlight the required processes and paste it into the new process field.

e. click apply to add this process to the list of monitored processes.