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Getting Installed

The installation of Mutiny is usually carried out by a qualified engineer, and requires the following to be pre-arranged by the customer:

  1. A dedicated 10/100/1000mb port on a switch or hub close to the network core
  2. A list of all the nodes to be monitored, including their names and IP addresses
  3. The nodes need to be running an SNMP agent with a known community string
  4. A phone point to connect the modem cable

A laptop or PC for training needs to be connected to the network and running a web browser that supports web standards.

End users may also install the appliance themselves, the interface is very intuitive and all panels have context sensitive help. Use our on-line manual to familiarise yourself with the interface. 

Installation Service - Local or Remote

We offer on-site and remote installation services if required.

A picture of an installerThe on-site installation lasts a day and can be split into three parts:

  • Installing the Mutiny unit on the network
  • Configuring the network information into the Mutiny software
  • Training in the operations of the Mutiny software

Installing the Mutiny unit on the network

This is the first step and generally takes around 30 minutes.

It involves:

  • Programming the software to enable communications over the network
  • Physically connecting the unit to the network using an appropriate switch port
  • Attaching the modem port to an available phone line

Configuring the network information into the Mutiny software

This takes up the majority of the time allocated and is largely dependent on the number of nodes to be added to the monitored domain. With a typical network of, say, 40 fully-monitored nodes, this process should take an hour or so.

It involves:
Picture of a customer receiving training

  • Adding the nodes on the network into the monitored domain
  • Setting the appropriate polling configuration
  • Advising on and setting alert threshold levels
  • Adding users to the system
  • Programming contact details and setting their alert parameters
  • Setting the different network views

Training in the operations of the Mutiny software

The training is carried out at the same time as the installation. Any features within Mutiny that are not explained during the installation will be covered after it has been completed.