Our proactive monitoring tools are suitable for all types of businesses. Below is a selection of comments from our users.

Thank you for such speedy response.  I think I mentioned previously that I was impressed by the company's support, and that good impression continues.  It is a pleasure to deal with a company that is so helpful and responsive.
Simon Mitchell - Maldon District Council

I like the IPAM feature by the way! Much better than the freeware stuff we were using previously.
Ian Blann - Kerry Logistics

I've been using Mutiny for a few months to monitor my HomeLab with +/- 15 hosts. Unlike other competing solutions, its installation (In VM under Esx6.0), and its configuration and its use are very easy. No configuration files to modify, network discovery is done "out-of-box", the new IPAM feature saves considerable time in the management of the network. The updates are regular and are done without worries!
Matthieu Dechamps

Mutiny has been our system and environmental monitor system for over 6 years. The product and the team are second to none and have always delivered.
Mark Gould, Technical Manager - Muir Group Housing Association

I have to say I'm consistently impressed at the speed of support response!
Patrick Anderson - Connect Housing

I must compliment the prompt and efficient service that Mutiny provide. It's always a pleasure dealing with Mutiny regardless of issue and the help provided is second to none! Very commendable!
Graeme Lee - Clyst Vale Community College

Mutiny provide an excellent level of support. I've rarely had to call on their team over the years as the system just runs itself but when I have, I'm always confident that I'll get a timely resolution. The system is an invaluable tool for monitoring our network and with the reporter component I can easily produce the monthly stats that my management require.
Donald Ingram - Scottish Natural Heritage

Just a quick message to let you know that the Sun Raid agent you setup for us works fine! We have a problem today and it is alerting. Some of our mirrors are showing needs maintenance.
Jason Nash - Curo Housing Group

Mutiny is a very good tool and works very well.
On top of that, I would like to thank you on behalf of my colleagues and myself for the Mutiny trial and the fast response with regards to implementation, no other vendor has responded in the same manner.

Geoff Dunk - Lotus Formula 1

Mutiny has been working really well for us, so look forward to the new release.
Anthony Lodwick - Buy As You View

Mutiny has proved to be a very useful tool here in Cairn Energy, and looks like it will continue to do so.
Ian Hardie - Cairn Energy PLC

I have been using Mutiny for about six months and it's been great. We have a large network and for the first time we have visibility of our equipment. We have used other monitoring tools in the past, but Mutiny is far superior. We have network diagrams to Server layouts in mutiny; if you can think of it then you can set it up in mutiny with little effort.
Best of all it's a user friendly interface and everyone within the department is using the system to identify potential upcoming issues and reporting on KPI's.

Shieraz - NG Bailey

Had a visit from Lawrence Freeman and what a visit that turned out to be. Nothing was too much trouble - really picked up some great tips on how to use Mutiny in our set-up. Great to deal with friendly experts.
Impressed !!!!

Mike B - ICNet

One of Mutiny's great strengths is that it has the ability to be useful both to an experienced engineer for trouble shooting and at the same time, has an interface that is clean and straight forward enough for junior helpdesk staff to find their way around. Mutiny has always been very good at finding the balance between a system that is technical enough to be useful, but straight forward enough to be usable.
Aaron Street - The Pirbright Institute

Wow, that's the fastest response to a call that I've ever raised with any supplier over more years than I care to remember.  Fantastic service, thank you.  Every interaction with Mutiny support simply reinforces the good impression that we have of the product and company.
Simon - District Council IT Leader

If you would like to see a live demonstration of the Mutiny monitoring product or discuss the options available, please get in touch.